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  1. 3 hours ago, BoddaH1994 said:

    I’ve bought a tasting card every year. One year I bought two. Seeing the prices, and with food portions and quality still climbing back to 2022 levels, I’ll take a pass this year and just use my meal plan. Thanks anyway. 

    Do we think we will see tasting cards return before the event ends? 

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  2. 13 hours ago, DonHelbig said:

    The festival feel won't be the same without tasting cards. Guests aren't going to go country to country to try things. 

    100%. My wife and I have always bought a tasting card. At that point you've invested into the experience and you're going to actually get the food you paid for. We are not going to put the effort into going to each country and invest into getting something. 

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  3. We actually did this a few weeks ago when we went. Dinning plan was on the band along with our Fast Track. (Their Fast Lane) Simplifies the whole process. You just add it at the KIOSK what was purchased online or buy it there.  Scan your QR Code, scan your wristband (If you already have one) or it spits out a band if you need one. If you buy something later you can just add to to your existing band.  It as very nice!

    I love their cup refill stations as well. Scan the QR Code on the cup, it activates the Pepsi dispenser for like 20 seconds to fill up your souvenir cup.  It even tells you how many oz's you added. I do wonder why (now SIX) has not started adding them at their smaller parks to see how it works. 

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  4. KIC does not know the validity of the OP claims.  It may be true; it may be totally made up. If it is the latter, we sincerely apologize for any discredit to the PR department. We left it on KIC for a few reasons. 

    1. This needs to be treated just like any other employee that makes claims on social media. The KIC forums are no different just because it is a KI fan site and a different medium of communication.

    2. If there was any truth to the claim, KI would want to look into the seriousness of it and decide for themselves.

    3. KIC is more than happy to work with the park to help engage, excite, and promote the park any way we can. We have not changed our practices since I have taken over as media director (before Chad arrived and after Don was gone) nor do I plan to moving forward.

    4. I felt like a lot of the criticism previously stemmed from the emotions about Don no longer being at the park. This seems to be more of a cry for help. 

    5. Lastly, no matter how much you may disagree with the communications department at KI, we do need to be respectful of our park. At what point is calling out something that you disagree with starting to actually hurt the very park you love and are passionate about?

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  5. 22 hours ago, disco2000 said:

    Same with a fireworks ride on WindSeeker!  Those were incredible.

    I got a firework ride on on windseeker once and it was pretty amazing and slightly scary that you were that close.

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  6. 52 minutes ago, brenthodge said:

    WOW If only Kings Island put this much thought into promoting their product and special limited-time events like this and the Food and Wine Festival that got next to no mention outside of their own social channels


    Back the truck up... We posted photos and a video on our social for Food and Wine. Along with a video.



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