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  1. Wonder why part of the transfer track area to holding area does not have the criss cross supports (X) but the one half does.

    The reason being that there will be an access road traveling underneath that portion of track.

    What does an access road have to do with support beams that are welded inside the frame of the structure? My guess is that the engineers only called for supports on the one side, do to needing extra support for the transfer point of the trains from one track to another. No need to pay for more steel and installation if not necessary per the engineers.

  2. I would like to see KI add a campground.

    What a novel idea.....

    Wouldn't it be cool to have a place where you could camp, and maybe ride a tram to and from the park?

    Wonder why no one has thought of this before....LOL

    I actually went and bought a new camper in Janurary of 05 I think? The year they closed the camp ground. My wife was pregnant and I wanted her to be able to ride the tram back to the AC'ed camper to rest. I was furious when I called to make reservations at the camp ground and they said they were closed. I was on the phone with KI for 1/2 day complaing to the highest manager they would let me talk too about the camp ground. I asked them if they wanted to buy a camper. They offered me a dinner the next time I visited the park... :(

  3. I think Kings Island needs a larger Ecology (Custodial) staff. There are almost 5 times as many "custodial hosts" at the Magic Kingdom as there are at Kings Island, and MK is about 2/3 the size of KI (and that's only pan and broom cast members). And the thing is, it totally shows.

    Well, I am willing to put up with a napkin on the ground for an extra few hours before a ecology staff can get around to cleaning it up, than having to pay Disney price to get into the park!! That is reason I have only been to Disney once in my life. CF I believe, has spent some money to help keep KI clean. There is a breaking point on where to spend you money. Mainitain rides and build new ones, or have a cleaning person that can clean up a used cup left on the ground in 15 seconds of being dropped.

  4. Hey im nuts to.If i lived near by,i would be there every day.But i live 3 hrs away so i only make it there about 10 times a year.

    Ditto, little over 2 hours away and would be there every day closing the park if i could!! I usually make it 12 to 15 times.

  5. This discussion did not start until Jan 30th, and from page 1 it did not say anything about a deadline. I joined Feb 2nd and no one said anything about this when I questioned about my son under 13 joining. Lack of information on this site has cost us a great time, I can not even go because deadline :angry: was up before it even started. :angry:

    You can still go just have to join ACE or other clubs invited. I barely made it in time. I actually joind to go to the Winter Blues party myself, but once I got in and stared researching I had missed ticket sales and everything. Was not meant to be I guess.

  6. I know this is off topic, but I am wondering if the X-Base themed section of the park will ever become a new section separate from the Coney Mall?

    Not sure I understand the question. You have to walk the Coney Mall midway to go to XBase. But once you get under The Racer I feel it is a "new" section. Plus the miday in X base is just not that long right now unless they add more miday beside racer to get to another ride?

  7. so even if you have a gold pass and a member of KIC you still have to get a ticket? you cant just show up. i know the ticket will be free but i am just wondering since i dont have a pass yet but going to get one soon probably opening day or a day before opening day.

    I emailed KIC and they said KIC was invited and they are working on a way to prove we are members of KIC to be able to go. No cost involved.

  8. I have had many dreams about KI. I had more of them when I used to work there. I used to always dream of operating Reptar. (which was part of my job) My most recent dream of KI though is one about Diamond back. I was there with a group of people I didn't know but I was there with them.... how I don't know im shy... But anyways we had to have a race for the first ride. (im not a runner!!) So I made all kinds of traps to make people trip and fall so I could beat them back there. I know that sounds awful but hey we are talking the first ride here. I made it back there, I was not the first. I wanted to be the first, this part is stupid dont ask, When I got back there I yelled snake and every one ran screaming. I wasn't lying, I was just talking about the coaster. I got the first ride at the end :D Silly dream I know, I woke up laughing.

    Clever way to get eveyone out of your way!!

  9. I remember a dream that I had praobbly about a year ago. I was in the park, but it looked nothing like KI. I am trying to find The Beast and kept getting lost. Ended up ridding some steel coaster that I have no idea what it was. It was fun for what it was though. I never made it to The Beast. To bad they did not have those Beast Paws painted on the midway...

  10. At the event, Mr. Helbig said that the trains had been in a hiding place on KI's property for a couple weeks, and they should be going on either by the end of this week or next week.

    They should have thrown some pics up on the website of them. I guess we will see them within the next few days.

  11. Well it appears that the fence between the midway and the splashdown is gone and they are putting up something between the midway the drop into the splashdown. I may be wrong though because it's kinda hard to see.

    Actually after looking at it a little longer it does appear that smurf is correct in his assumption.

    Probably don't have many options of things to do in this weather.

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