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Status Updates posted by McSalsa

  1. Wow, I have not updated my status since 5/13/2014...better change that. :P

  2. Kings Island Tommorow: 5/13/14. So. Excited!

  3. Hoping to visit Kings Island on 4-18-2014...it's been too long...

  4. Holiday World was fun. What next? I'm not sure.

  5. Kings Island is behind me now, but now, there is a chance a future Holiday World trip is looming this summer...

  6. 1 Day Left (well pretty much) now...BWA HA HA! I AM COMING FOR YOU, KINGS DOMINION! BWA HA HA HA! Wait, it's Kings Island? Oops! (LOLZ)

  7. Now only a few days left...have tickets ready...BWA HA HA!!!

  8. Getting more and more excited as May 14th approaches. IT COMES!

  9. Well....thanks to all these offseason changes and the fact it is much cheaper, looks like we will be visiting Kings Island instead of Cedar Point. Trip is May 14th, 2010!

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