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Status Updates posted by jdawg1998

  1. I've become very cynical over the past year.

  2. Hello darkness, my old friend.

  3. Halloween is coming!!

  4. How am I supposed to live my life now?

  5. Kings Island, where else can thrills connect at the fun and only?

  6. Is it summer yet?!

  7. March m-m-m-m-m-mad-madness...by Muse

  8. UC Bearcats are the 2014 NCAA champions!

  9. Peyton Manning is superhuman. That is all.

  10. Sh...did you hear that scream?

  11. Go Reds! #2013

  12. March Madness is here! Let's go Bucks (even though I have them losing in the Final Four) and Bearcats (even though I have them losing the second round)!

  13. Sometimes I feel like no one takes me seriously on here, because I change my profile picture to a different Will Ferrel character.

    1. SonofBaconator


      Sometimes, I feel no one takes me seriously because my username is a misspelled sandwich.....

  14. Bengals in the playoffs! Who dey!

  15. Halloween Haunt 2012 Is Finally Here!

    1. TheCrypt


      Well, almost finally here.

    2. jdawg1998


      Or, finally almost here? hmm..

  16. Holiday World trip Friday!

    1. TheCrypt


      I'll be expecting the best PTR ever when you get back!

    2. jdawg1998


      I actually am reminding myself to take pictures! Haha.

  17. WEBSITE: kihub.com

  18. Some advertising: Check out my Kings Island fan site: http://www.kingsislandhub.com

  19. Now a surprise Cedar Point trip! This is just my lucky year with surprises, isn't it? ;)

  20. I won free tickets to Holiday World thanks to a Twitter contest! Going in August!

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    2. jdawg1998


      Sorry, I just now saw this comment.

      No, it won't be! My first time wasn't the best so I'm very excited to go again. :)

    3. jcgoble3


      Trust me: visits to HW that are "not the best" are the exception, not the norm. You'll have a great time. And Voyage is running much, much better this year. Don't miss it. For airtime, I recommend the very back seat (yes, I just recommended a wheel seat; that's how much smoother it is).

    4. jdawg1998


      When I rode it two years ago I just couldn't ride it too much because it was very rough. I've seen some reviews of it with the re-tracking of the turnaround area and apparently it is very good!

  21. I love your new avatar (if it is new). Please keep doing that! Every season change it!

  22. What's on my mind? Writing this status, that's on my mind.

    1. CoasterGeek101


      Well, makes sense!

  23. Yeah. I'm weird. I just wanted to start over with my posts. ;)

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