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  1. On the other hand, the recent intro of FunPix seems to encourage and promote cell phone usage in the parks.  Same with the app.  


    Unfortunately, that's the world we live in now. Everyone has to be connected to their phones when at the parks.


    It's been really irksome this year. I see people getting on their phones on Viking Fury just before the ride starts, texting someone. And then at the end of the ride, when it's coming to a stop, they get their phones and start texting again. I mean, really? Who are you texting that's so important that you can't just wait till you're off the ride? Or, how about this - enjoy your day at the park and not start at your phone the whole time?

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  2. I know it's only May, and Kings Island's only been open for 3 weeks, but come on, guys - can we get some sort of new hint? It's getting grueling reading all of these completely random and out of the blue rumors about 2017. It would be great for Don to stir up the pot a little bit and give us a diversion, at least. "Watch out for falling trees" is just getting old now...

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  3. No - I now realize "for you" are the lyrics in Gone, Gone, Gone, but that's not it. My song has a female lead with a pretty high pitched voice when she's saying "you" (or whatever the words are, I really cannot tell). It might not even say "for" or "you" at all. Ugh!!

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  4. I have always been for extending the school year into early-mid June (say, June 15 or so) and then starting back after Labor Day. It makes the most sense to me, because those months in between technically are part of summer. May-August has never made sense, really. Coming back to school when pools are still open, the temperatures are still in the 80's, and students are still in that summer mindset is extremely distracting. Imagine ending school closer to the actual equinox and then coming back closer to fall when the leaves start changing.

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  5. This isn't my favorite song, but it's been one I HAVE BEEN DYING to know for a whole year. I can't fully understand the lyrics which makes it so hard to search online. It's a female singer with a pretty high pitched voice, and it sounds like she's singing "for yoooooou...for yooooou...". The song starts out with a pretty catchy electronic sound to it. It's played on the main soundtrack. It's killing me. I hear it everyday at work and I just want to know what it is. Anyone know?

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  6. I enjoy CoasterStudios' coaster parodies. Those are quite funny. 


    Just calm down everyone. I hate to say it, but a lot of you are acting like you're "experts" as well. It's all just speculation. CoasterStudios is allowed to conjure up whatever ideas he wants, just as we've done in these first thirty pages. I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you (he's completely wrong, in my opinion), but this is the time of year where pretty much any speculation can be considered useless. 

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  7. Adventure Express looks great this year. Other than the actual ride itself, the station has some "adventure" music playing. 


    Only thing I wish could be changed was a louder "now you will pay" on the second lift. I can't really hear it if I'm in the back of the train. 


    Night rides this year are pretty awesome on Express. 

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  8. The whole "turn" thing is also a dumb idea. What about Michigan's Adventure's turn? Worlds of Fun's turn? Great America's turn? I don't remember them ever being apart of "taking turns" in getting a new roller coaster. So, pretty much, that concept is nonexistent with Cedar Fair. They'll build something new at a park no matter if it's their "turn" or not.

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  9. I always find it funny when these "hints" start showing up and people freak out over the smallest thing. I will enjoy sitting back and watching most fail miserably while few get it right in the end. It is fun for me to read through. best of luck on every ones "predictions".  *grabs popcorn*


    My favorite so far is the two tulips someone found.


    How, on God's green earth, could that be a clue? That is quite a reach. Goodness gracious people, I could seriously say that there's a tree that's a bit taller than the others over by the fence, and therefore that means we'll be getting a height record-breaking coaster.

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  10. Well, first day of work in 2016 in the books! I hope some of you came by Adventure Express tonight - after all, we are the best!

    Kings Island has really impressed me. All these small minor additions actually turned out to be awesome. I am in love with the new roads, signs, entrances, etc. It just feels different at the park. And now we have this Rivertown speculation - wow! Good job KI. I cannot wait for the rest of this season.

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  11. I really need to take advantage of the fact I drive by Kings Island everyday on my way back from school and let you guys know what's up. But, it looks like ^you got it!


    That sounds pretty awesome. It will give the area more of a "resort" feel, if that makes sense. No, it's not just Kings Island, but also Soak City! ...catch my drift?

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  12. I have always thought Kings Island deserves a more grand entrance than it currently has - not the front gate entrance, but the traffic entrance. As of now, Kings Island Dr. is extremely boring and bland (but they're working on it). The whole area really is just lackluster of any "magic". Driving to Kings Island isn't that exciting, in my opinion. A sign up front there will definitely add to it. But it won't be complete until all of Kings Island Dr. has been finished and the area comes together perfectly.

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  13. I've noticed that forecasting the weather this far in advance is mostly unpredictable except for the temperature. It's usually things like precipitation and cloudiness that change a lot. But that 68 degrees I can imagine staying for the next week and a half. So that's good news to me.

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  14. I love the giga rumors. Basically the only reason it is a rumor is because we all want one. Heck, I could say right now the rumor is we're getting an Intamin Maverick-style ride and people would jump onboard the bandwagon. 

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