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  1. Why has nobody mentioned Men In Black: Alien Attack at Universal Studios? That is an amazing ride. The aliens shoot back at you and if you don't shoot them in time, your car spins out of control. The theme is impeccable. The alien animatronics are sweet. It's just an all-around great ride. Even better than Buzz Lightyear. And one hundred times better than Boo Blasters.


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  2. During my 5-hour visit, I rode The Beast, Vortex, Drop Tower, Adventure Express, Racer and Viking Fury (twice), and watched Cirque Imagine. Most of the waits were 15-20 minutes, so not too bad. But, as I was leaving the park, there were floods of people and the wait times were listed at 30 minutes plus for most rides.


    Looks like the Fourth of July crowds are already starting. 

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  3. The crowds today are ridiculous. Adventure Express had a line outside the entrance. Viking Fury had a full queue. Diamondback with 90 minute wait. Flight of Fear with 100 minute wait. People parking in the grass fields by the parking lot. 


    I've never seen a Sunday this crowded before; it reminds me more of a mid-July day at a Disney World park.

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  4. It amazes me how many times I'll be asked if AE is The Racer(s) once they get to the station. How do these people miss the giant Adventure Express sign that they pass right under? And how do they not realize the ride is not racing at all? 

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  5. Maybe. Radio stations and large businesses who play music usually pay a flat fee. The fee is based on ratings or number of expected patrons.

    As for why there may be a limited number of songs could be on design. Remember the enthusiast or the person who comes to the park daily is not usually the target market. .


    Not daily, I mean hourly or every two hours...the same things play multiple times. A guest visiting one day could see the same thing several times while in line for different rides.

  6. There's an new FUNtv at Viking Fury as well.


    I like the concept, not a fan of the execution. It amazes me they can't add at least 5 more songs and a few more commercials. I hear the same thing over and over and over again. I honestly believe they should try to add so much that a guest will never hear/see the same thing twice in a day. 

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  7. Saw it last night...it was amazing! I watched it last year but I didn't remember much. My heart was beating so fast through the whole thing...these types of shows really freak me out...but it was worth it. The new ladder act was awesome.

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  8. I wish the wait times on the Kings Island app would show up when I'm not at the park. They need to fix that. It would be perfect to check the wait times throughout the summer. If I see the waits are low, I'll go right to Kings Island for a few hours.

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  9. I think a Peanuts dark ride that takes riders through the comics would be cool. Not specifically Great Pumpkin, but everything the Peanuts characters have gone through...sort of like The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh at Disney parks. It would be different and unique from the rest of the park that is mostly full of big roller coasters and thrill rides. 


    ...but NO interactive ride there. As someone else said, build an interactive ride somewhere else. Two dark rides at KI would be amazing. My only concern is, would they be able to keep it up? Probably not...

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  10. Wait times were pretty minimal this morning; most waits were in the station waiting for a train or two. A fair amount of buses and students but no real lines. Got in Banshee, Drop Tower (longest wait), The Beast and Diamondback in about 65 minutes. Grabbed food from my meal plan and out in a bit more than an hour and a half.


    Oh my goodness, I almost had a heart attack. I read your post really quickly and saw "The Beast and Diamondback had 65 minute waits."


    I thought that the world was ending for a second...rides at Kings Island on a Thursday before Memorial Day weekend, before school is out, in 50 degree weather have hour long waits??!

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  11. Going back to what's missing from the park - are trams really needed? I really don't think the Kings Island parking lot is that big. Dollywood, on the other hand, has a huge parking lot that extends pretty far from the entrance. The trams there are a necessity. Walking from the back parking lot to the park takes 10 minutes. At Kings Island, it seems to take just a few minutes. 

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  12. I couldn't even spit apart the ribs they were so tough...today's meal was good though, just simply burgers and hot dogs.


    Coasterstock was pretty awesome. I've never done a Beast tour before until today. I also loved Speigel's talk yesterday. And ERT on The Beast/Diamondback (not Vortex, yikes). Lots of good stuff! I can't wait to see what they have planned next year...

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  13. It honestly amazes me how much money Universal racks in. I know it's a very popular park, but they've been adding things NON-STOP. Since (2009?) they've added a giant Harry Potter themed area with a massive dark ride, a new Simpsons themed area with a new flat ride, a new Transformers multi-sensory ride like Spider-Man, another new Harry Potter themed area with a roller coaster/dark ride combo and a train ride, the Despicable Me motion simulator, and now they're getting a new King Kong ride and possibly Nintendo rides in the future???! Oh, and a new resort hotel...


    It's kinda getting to be too much. They should relax for a bit...the parks are full of things to do now. 

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  14. I love it. But I disagree with upgrading the individual park websites. As they are now, they are simple and easy to use. I'm not a fan of all-Flash websites. I like the simplicity of Cedar Fair sites. 


    Holiday World upgraded their website over the offseason and I just don't like it. It's clunky and confusing. I prefer simple. Did I say I like simplicity already?

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  15. Question:


    To a normal family visiting Kentucky Kingdom, just for a fun day at the park, is it actually that bad? Or does the hate for KK stem from Hart? Because I feel like people who know nothing about the history of the place would still enjoy it...despite it being pretty expensive. 

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  16. I'm probably really late on this - I've just started looking into Kentucky Kingdom now - but I see that tickets online are $40?? And for a child it's $34? That's absolutely ridiculous! For $4 more, you can go to Kings Island with tons of more rides, shows, dining, a much better experience, etc...


    ...now I can begin to see why this place is so hated...


    Edit: ...and they're only open 8 hours during the weekdays in the summer?!! Holy moly!!!

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  17. It is very, very busy. Adventure Express had about a 30 minute wait. Even Viking Fury's queue was half full. There were people everywhere! I'm thinking the rainy day yesterday made everyone postpone their trip to today...

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