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  1. ^Please tell me you don't think this coaster will be a Wing Coaster.

    For those looking for the image, I was looking through my cache and it says the file has been moved to a new url. What is the new url? Can't seem to find that.

  2. The countdown clock works based on what time your computer is set at. The clock is in EST so if your in a different time zone, the clock will be wrong.

    If you set your computer clock past the announcement time, the countdown will show 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds; I tried that hoping it would show something hidden. :P

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  3. I hope this is a record breaker for height and speed. I would ride it even if it is forceless.

    So now you say your going to ride it when for the past who knows how many pages you said you will not ride it if its a B&M???

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  4. I totally get it now.

    The 10 pm presentation is a funeral....or perhaps burial...for the of Son of Beast...and the Banshee rises up.

    I'm sure this thought was mentioned somewhere in this thread already, but I have neither the time or courage to find it.

    I mentioned that 3 pages ago. :P

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  5. You mean 12 lllooonnnggg hours. :rolleyes:

    EDIT: There has to be some sort of leak showing concept art or something official within this time frame. Every roller coaster announcement for the past 2 years (as far as I know) has been leaked whether it be the logo, or concept art!

    And is anyone at the park yet (I know, the park has only be open for 5 minutes)? There seems to be something next to the tree in the middle of the construction site that I can't make out from the webcams (It looks blue!). EDIT AGAIN: It is a truck because its moving! :P

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  6. Can someone who is there confirm if the fence is actually coming down or not. I realize you won't be able to go over there until 10. It's hard to tell from the far away foggy cam

    If you look really close it looks like part of the fence is indeed gone.

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  7. That's tells you how much the track/support piece weighs. That number can be 800 for one piece and 1300 for another...it depends how much steel is used for that piece (if a track piece needs to withstand more force/pressure, more steel is used)

  8. I wouldn't say this info is 100% accurate but remember when someone mentioned that the news publisher will already know what the ride is before the announcment so they can write and article on it?

    Well one person from TPR said they talked to a news reporter at a Reds game yesterday and the news reporter said it would be the tallest and fastest inverted roller coaster.

    Again, not 100% accurate and don't quote me on this.

  9. Overall this is what one can deduce so far Height:? Length: .75-1 mile Inversions: 5-6 ( 2 loops, batwing, at least one zero g roll)

    Mock up:


    There are a few things wrong in that video....the biggest one being that the entire layout is mirrored to what the blueprints show...

    Also, Screamscape is no reporting that Flight Deck might be renamed The Bat because the Flight Deck logos on the trains have been removed. Really?!?! <_<

    On another note, it sucks that people like me (who live far away from the park) can't see anything from the webcams because of the weather... :(

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