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  1. I think they will be here where I circled. I also spy a single rider line. Or what I think might be one.

    I can't picture the staff calling out for single riders like CP does to maximize capacity.

    I see the world record right now: "Largest Que line."

    They got to prepare for crazy 4-5 hour que waits like with Diamondback!

    This queue would probably hold 2-2.5 hours at the max...

  2. ^But if this is an invert, having a control booth above would mean the booth is above the track and you would hardly see any of the train (maybe even none of the riders)

    EDIT: And it will be one long day tomorrow...they just had to pick 10pm.....why not 10am!!!! :P

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  3. Maybe I'm just dumb but if the lift hill is only 200 feet long wouldn't it have to go straight up for it to reach 200 feet in the air?

    Keep in mind the lift hill is not 200 feet long. That is the distance of the lift if it travelled at a 0 degree angle; so techinally, the lift hill will be longer than 200 feet but the height varies depending on the angle (you can have anywhere from 1 foot tall to however long the lift hill is (which would be a vertical lift; which we know will not happen))

  4. Actually in the above pic it could be a fence.

    That doesn't quite make sense as it would go through that circle I pointed out yesterday (which we think is either a fountain or some sort of signage like Gatekeeper)

    Also, that means it would go through the queue.... :wacko:

  5. B&M inverts have a large cover that covers the wheels. This makes the train look wider. I now believe this is what we are seeing in the blueprints after another user pointed this out.


    The other possibility is that there is some sort of theming on the sides of the train.

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