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  1. I didn't finish my problem, I took my lengths and just Pythagorean therom'd it. I edited my answer.

    Now I'm turning into a math geek but whatever....Did you guess the hypotenuse and opposite side or we know those numbers 100%?

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  2. ^Sounds about right IMO (200ft on 0 degree angle, make it 35 degrees, and you get another 40ish feet.)

    EDIT: I think you may have got the lenght of the lift, not height; let me go grab a calculator. :P

    Also, anyone notice how the trains look in the blueprint? Could it be v-style seating (like DB and Behemoth) or is just the coverings that usually go around the wheels on B&M inverts?

  3. ^^Huh? How does that have to do with anything I said (I never said it was for a restroom :P) The entrance seems to be right by the circle which would be the perfect place to put something like a fountain.

    After looking at construction pics, that circle in the blueprint is where the drains are.

  4. Does anyone think KI is super lucky as KBF was expecting a coaster soon, could this be the coaster that might have been earmarked for KBF, CF's only all year running park?

    Just a thought?

    Maybe a campground for KI and a great coaster, I don't know about height but probably not to compete with Cedar Fair not that high:

    Leviathan was rumoured to originally be for KBF but for some reason was moved to Wonderland. So I don't think KI is getting a KBF coaster.

  5. A few pages back some of your were saying that the layout of this roller coaster would block out any way that an expansion can go into the back of the SOB area.

    1) Its a roller coaster, paths can always be made around the supports/track to get to the back are of SOB

    2) There was an interview with the GM (I think) of KI and he said he does not want KI to get too big and by expanding into the SOB area....the park would get too big.

  6. I learned how to make a logo similar to "The Bat" in Grade 10 Communications Technology with Illustrator......it took about 30 minutes to make and was pretty easy....for a person working at KI, I wouldn't be suprised if it took them 10 minutes.

    Newbie again...can someone tell me what "CSF" is?

    Clearmont Steel Fabricators....the place that manufactures most of B&M's roller coasters.

    Some of you don't understand PR/marketing. I truly do not think Don is tweeting to directly throw off KIC members. Not at all. You must understand, he's tweeting to everybody...casual fans and park guest, other parks management (I'm sure they're excited as well), news/media outlets, enthusiasts and the like...It's not just for KIC. Good marketing covers all your bases.

    So, with that conclusion...I believe Don is being very CLEAR in his post. This is without a doubt a wing coaster. The point of hinting "wing it" in a tweet should be extremely obvious to enthusiasts and KIC members...but the general public may not "get it". Any tease/hint worth doing must be able to be solved by the general public. I believe that's who it's intended for. I highly doubt the park is even thinking of KIC at the moment when it comes to teases, marketing, etc. etc.

    Marketing 101 people...the casual shopper pays the bills, market accordingly.

    The only questions left answering should be the name of the ride, the colors, the specs, the layout, the records it will break, etc. But this is a wing coaster, Don has made that clear.

    -T. Forsaken

    Really...a Wing Coaster? That means something isn't right with the blueprints...

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  7. Hmm...I think I may have just noticed something on that leaked Bat page no one else did...it says the ride will open April 27th, 2014...guess what? That's a SUNDAY.

    Has Kings Island ever opened on a SUNDAY? I don't think so...and why does the page just say 2014 in the website location instead of the ride name?

    Hmm...yeah, I'm thinking this may well have been a DIVERsion now...

    I did love The Bat logo though. Perhaps they are teasing us with what they may have in mind for our next coaster after this one, to gauge our interest levels, aka "see how we respond to it?"...?

    This Kings Island PR. It be full of win. B)

    Not to mention that the website with the 2014 address was the exact one that was debated on earlier in this forum when it went all IT Geek for about 3 pages over where what HTML and URL pointed to and redirected to where.

    HA! I knew I was right! (The Banshee URL is still giving a 404...but no more URL talk...don't need to confuse everyone again! :) )

    Just want to brag for ONE post....no more bragging. :)

  8. ^And he is now saying its a Wing Coaster...

    "Not sure if I will write down´╗┐ some notes or wing it Thursday night when we announce our new world record-breaking attraction......Kings Island Twitter....HINT HINT....WINGCOASTER!!!!!!!!!"

    (Comment made by Patrick on Youtube)

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