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  1. 1 hour ago, Maverick44 said:

    I understand this. There is a large amount of GP who do not live in range of that news station. I am in Columbus and the GP has no idea. I am just stating there is a large part of the GP who loves coasters but doesn't follow things like this.

    I still see The Beast unleashed video shared around on social media. People still thing that it is real. 

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  2. The goal is to fill the train. A full train means less wait times. Less wait times leads to customer satisfaction and more sales of future tickets or season passes. No one wants to go to a park and wait half an hour when trains are being sent with a bunch of empty seats because there’s a lot of single riders or 3 person groups. But if they’re forcing you to sit with someone and you don’t feel comfortable that’s an issue also. Can’t fault the ride operators unless they won’t accommodate as this has to be a cooperate move. 

  3. Just now, Fye Coasters said:

    it depends on what time of day you go and what day of the week, i usually go every wed in the evening and the park is dead so of course the trains are going to be empty.

    It was Tuesday. Afternoon. Yeah, a lot of rides were walk on or 5 minutes (with the exception of FOF because it was super hot out) . But one person on a train followed by two empty trains... tell me how that can be considered a popular coaster... when Adventure Express had more riders on one train than Vortex had on 3 combined. Yeah. It gets lines on busy nights and has a good number of riders. But those are the nights where most rides have a 30 minute or more wait time. 

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  4. 11 hours ago, Arrow said:

    It's old, it's outdated, but I'd argue those are no reasons to get rid of it. I'd seriously miss the ride, as it's one of my favorites there. And it's still one of the more popular coasters there. Really don't think there's a good reason to demolish it.

    It’s one of the more popular coasters? Last time I was at Kings Island I saw a train with one rider followed by two empty trains. Meanwhile every other coaster that I road had at least half the train filled. I don’t think they should remove the ride. But it also is not much of a popular coaster. 

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  5. 6 hours ago, chad_1138 said:

    Not a guest but a ride op...

    We were riding AE last week and as we were pulling out of the station, the ride op said, "See you back here in about 2 minutes, unless we don't.  We lost a train last week."

    What? They didn’t like us saying we lost train 3 when I worked there lol

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  6. When I worked in the rides department I never had an issue with off ride videos/photos. It’s when people would pull their equipment out on the ride or lean past the fence/gates to get a “better angle” when all they got was the ops yelling at them in their video. I don’t know why people want a video on a flat ride with ride operators constantly asking them to put their phones away. Most of the time they wouldn’t do it until the operator would state that they will stop the ride or just say that it is illegal to have it out. 

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  7. On 4/29/2018 at 11:06 PM, King Ding Dong said:

    Drones to not fly on things they fly over them.  

    Correct me if I am wrong but KI does not own the airspace above the park.  They cannot prevent Delta, American or Southwest from flying over their property anymore than I can prevent them from flying over my house.   As long as a drone pilot does not violate FAA regulations KI is powerless to prevent it.  

    KI can of course choose to terminate any contracts they have with said pilot.   :D

    The policy for ride operators at least last year was if they noticed a drone flying near their ride they were to shut down the ride and call security. Drones are just as bad as cell phones on rides if you have an inexperienced pilot flying close to a ride. They don’t care if you take photography from the sky, they are more worried for safety of guests. There’s a reason you can fly a plane or helicopter that can fly for hours at a time and not a drone that can be in the air for usually 30 minutes max and has no regulations on who can fly them. 

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  8. 34 minutes ago, gforce1994 said:

    Narrator: “A year passed. Winter changed into Spring. Spring changed into Summer. Summer changed back into Winter. And Winter gave Spring and Summer a miss and went straight on into Autumn.”


    Honestly, it looks like KI has kept some of its Winterfest props in place. When will the park confirm the 2018 version of it?



    They already confirmed it on their website...

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  9. 8 minutes ago, DiamondBanshee said:

    ^I’m pretty upset about it because I was next in line. I’m kind of surprised how it was a complete E-stop into a closure. I understand BLSC and TTD are two different beasts entirely but I assumed it would just reset and relaunch like TTD.

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    I believe they launch using different launch mechanisms. And backlot launches from the station. TTD doesn’t so it can easily re launch without pushing it back into the station for it to be able to launch. 

  10. No. Mainly for safety reasons. They want you to be focusing on the ride. Not if your camera is on. Plus no one wants to see your go pro footage of a ride. It’s bad quality. When I worked there, I would not let people ride with any go pro mount. They had to secure the go pro before I would send the train. It causes delays if you even try to do it. Same goes with cell phones. Plus the driver will watch you on the camera for the list hills so don’t even bother. If you are doing it they will call security to confiscate the video and you may be escorted out


  11. 2 hours ago, Oldschool75 said:


    Which is now owned by Oracle. I guarantee once those licensing fees start rising CF will switch to something better. I would guess and say something AWS based.

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    I hope for any future merchandise employees they do update their POS system. It can get buggy, confusing, and slow at times. Not to mention they still aren’t using any sort of pin pad or chip reader. You still have to hand over the card to the cashier to swipe causing some security risks. Micros is a very common POS in the industry for gift shops and restaurants that aren’t huge chains. I know when I worked in merchandise in photo there were like 5 different steps just to activate a funpix bought online and if you did a season pass upgrade (barcode to QR code) and messed up the passes would be deactivated and the guest would have to go to guest services but their FunPix would be tied to the new QR based season pass. There was no confirmation on the POS if it even worked or a way to check if it worked when I worked there in 2016. Now if they had the touchscreen POS system in photo it may have been easier and caused less confusion as I almost never had issues with the touchscreens except that the cash and credit buttons were rigt next to each other and if you hit cash it would immediately open the drawer for exact change and a supervisor would have to go back in and do a return which got complicated if they used a gold pass discount. 

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  12. The POS system is micros. It comes in two variations throughout the park. Touchscreen and keypad. Most food and photo stands run on the keypad variation which is a lot more clunky and harder to learn for most people. The touchscreen ones are the ones you will find in most merchandise shops and have a screen that will dynamically change based on the buttons the operator touches. 

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  13. On the note of opening up Woodstock. The minimum operating temperature is porobanky too high for it to open which is why all the other coasters are closed. Plus off season maintenance needs to be done on them. 

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  14. It would be nice for a new parking lot but they could do a chunk every year instead of the whole thing at once unless they got a super good deal. One of the hardest things about working there was trying to avoid the potholes at the end of the night lol. I have gone as a guest in the guest parking lot in a long time so I’m not sure how bad of shape it is in  

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  15. Working a 60 hour weeks when I was 16-17 was nice. Then I got a job where I got paid overtime if I worked over 40 hours. That’s when I realized it wasn’t worth my time to stay at Kings Island unfortunately. Since they are seasonal they are able to get around a lot of laws that other part/full time employers must obide by. 

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  16. On 11/2/2017 at 3:22 PM, teenageninja said:

    The problem that Kings Island has recruiting older people is a few things, this is a very general statement.

    1) Most of the supervisors in the park are in their late teens to early 20s.  A lot of older people don't like working for younger people.

    2) Kings Island is a seasonal job, you are guaranteed to have a few months off every year.  

    3) Unless things have changed, since Kings Island is seasonal, their seasonal employees do not get benefits.

    Not to mention, the wages they pay aren't anywhere near living wages.  It's just not a sustainable job for most.

    Not to mention it is a lot of kids first jobs ever. Plus a lot of food and beverage supervisors are minors which you can tell if they have a blue or yellow name tag. 

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  17. When I worked I’m merchandise I worked in photo quite a lot and they also use the touchpad registers instead of the touchscreen and the touchpad were a lot more difficult, slow, and annoying. The touchscreen would change based on what’s going on, the touchpad is static. Also supervisors are usually never in charge of one thing or they may be too understaffed to get that supervisor over there so they have to come from a different store to get there. 

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