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  1. Btw, the day of the “storming,” September 20th, is the first day of Haunt, so the park will be open, but not at the time it is scheduled (3 AM in NM, which would be 5 AM here).

    I mean, I don’t want to encourage them waiting that long to announce but if they did really want to use the sudden piquing of Area 51 interest...

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  2. So, is someone from KIC going to be at the park today to get pics of the new poster that is hopefully there?

    I’m going to guess today’s might be Flying Ace, or Vortex. 

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  3. Yep. I arranged a small get-together during the season passholders’ late night ERT earlier this year, which included Viking Fury. There were only a handful of us participating but we did get some others to join in, including a row of approximately ten year old boys opposite me and a friend, who didn’t know why they were saying it but enjoyed joining in once prompted :)

    If we ever have a late ERT on it again like that, I’m going to try to get a group together more than a few hours before. There were others waiting in line when we started the chant who tried to get it going on the next ship, because they remembered it fondly as well. 

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  4. 21 minutes ago, DiamondBanshee said:

    Excuse me I called dibs first. I didn’t specify on what because there might be better ones, but Invertigo’s is my favorite so far, so get in line bud emoji36.pngemoji36.pngemoji36.png


    My husband said earlier today “I’m surprised nobody has tried to steal those.” I’m beginning to think maybe he had a point :)

    Although it’s still humorous to me to imagine someone trying to “sneak” out past about 100 employees between X-Base and the front gates, lugging an approximately 3 by 4 foot rigid poster.

    If KI wants to start making prints/posters available again, I’d rather a Flight of Cheer one for my holiday decorating...

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  5. Nothing that sticks out to me as being the likely meaning of cmpd for sure:


    (And the source of “the scale is wrong” is one new poster’s unsubstantiated claim)

    edit: oh if you’re talking about the tiny scale on the first page, yes, it is wrong, by 2x IIRC, as was verified about 1000 posts back. However, the absolute coordinates of all the footers are not incorrect, and it is where people have derived the measurements.

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  6. Tone is remarkably hard to convey via text. 

    You may have thought it was too ridiculous of a suggestion for anyone to think you were serious, but believe me, whew. Sometimes we get people who are deadly serious about their pet ideas which most people would think are silly. 

    Unofficial “commandment” of these boards is you don’t threaten Adventure Express, too :)

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  7. Ridership: Flight of Fear has given 10,806,406 rides since 1996, the 20th-most in park history. Its record year was 1998, when 1,078,021 rides were given.  (Numbers through 2009 season)

    source: KI Central of all places :)


    (and I think they’re trying to say with those numbers “somebody done fouled up on the posters” so I wonder if this new one will end up in a version 2 today too)

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  8. 4 minutes ago, _capture_the_thrills_ said:

    I swear if the next poster has an R...

    I don’t get it...

    I just hope they don’t put a J to the left and then N and G to the right (assuming FoF is left of the other two so far)

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  9. Yes, that makes sense, but my point is, the replacement poster doesn’t have any of those words that go along with testing for vertigo...

    I swear, trying to make sense of this is making even less sense. 

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  10. Oooh ooh, or, stick with me now... maybe this has nothing to do with the Giga and instead it’s telegraphing that next year recaR sdrawkcaB will make its triumphant return!!! A girl can hope. 

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  11. So the “testing” that was included on the original Invertigo poster (I apologize if any of this is a repeat) seems to mostly center around what tests would be done on a patient to determine the source of dizziness. Which makes sense because the words above that also all relate to dizziness: syncope (fainting), oscillopsia (involuntary eye movements that can cause dizziness), and vestibular (the body system whose disruption causes dizziness).


    A “Romberg” test evaluates the subject’s proprioception, which is our sense of where the body is in space. It can be used to evaluate intoxication. The actual test is basically for the subject to stand with their eyes shut for a minute, and see if they sway or fall.

    The Fukuda-Unterberger test is also a test of the vestibular system which tests for sources of dizziness. In this test the subject closes their eyes and walks in place, and then the amount they have turned from their original facing is evaluated. 

    An MRI is a scan using that big magnetic tube to take pictures inside the brain and body. 

    Posturography is testing that evaluates changes in a person’s sense of balance. 

    So, basically, all of these words together make a pretty cohesive description of testing that might be done to evaluate how dizzy a ride makes the test subjects. However, at least at first glance, the replacement poster has little if any cohesion or plot... I’ll be looking closer at it, but it makes it even more confusing to me that the first poster was switched for the second.

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  12. Ever since I discovered the posters had indeed been switched out yesterday, I’ve been trying to figure out a scenario in which it makes sense. I’ve failed to come up with anything particularly satisfactory. 

    I just don’t feel like the specific details that were changed had deeper meaning that made it important enough to “get right.” I’ll admit I could be wrong. But if the second version of the posters was so much more “correct” in its information, why would the first posters even have been printed/mounted? Because they are so similar, how was the mistake, if it was simply a mistake, recognized and rectified so quickly?

    It also seems unlikely to me that the park would change them as trolling. I feel like if they were going to do that, the originals would be up more than a couple hours. 

    Oh well, hopefully more posters or other information will be added soon that will, if not clear things up, at least give me a new mystery to distract me from this one. Because putting up posters and then replacing them a couple hours after their reveal with different but fundamentally equivalent ones is just plain strange.

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  13. I call shenanigans! No way could Invertigo have the same ridership numbers in the afternoon as the morning because I rode it in the meantime! Couldn’t they have updated it when they redid it?!

    *grumbles about inaccuracies*


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  14. I don’t know why either. I honestly suspected the panorama without them was trolling, because I knew darn well they HAD been there :)

    Especially when I was reading this thread finally on my way back and there they were. Very surprised they were different when I looked closely. 

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  15. So, on the Invertigo poster, even tho the words changed, “RFMP” are the same under testing, which makes me feel those initials are somehow significant. And under syncing, a word starting with O was replaced by one with P...

    Orion and Polaris reference somehow?

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  16. Ok, so they changed them out. The graph on the Firehawk one is significantly different than it was 6AC9A0EC-B52A-4FA9-8754-70365F9B7462.jpeg

    this morning^



    I’ll look to see if there are any differences on Invertigo in a bit. Nothing jumps out yet tho. 

    Edit: everything between the brain and tests administered is a little different


    ^this morning



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