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  1. I was able to park at KD with a Canada’s Wonderland gold all perk pass this weekend. No issue. 
    I even was able to get my physical (gold) card issued at KD since my previous card was platinum.  
    However when trying to put the new card into Carowinds app, it won’t work.   It worked on the Canada’s Wonderland, KD, KI and CP apps.    
    When I went to Carowinds at new years their gate and restaurant would not recognize my season pass but it worked at guest relations.   It doesn’t seem that they have fixed their linking issue with other parks. 

    Did you try removing the Carowinds app and reinstalling it? I had issues with my 2024 pass until I did that.

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  2. Used our drink passes at Tower drinks today as virtually no line.  It was interesting that a group of kids in front of us asked for “water cups”.  The associate said water cups were not available at this location and to check with any of the eating places.  Could KI finally have solved the kids hack of asking for a water cup at the drink refill stations and then proceeding to fill it with soda?  Just thought it was interesting and will see if that policy holds all season or Tower drinks has just not yet stocked their water cups.

    All of the locations that don’t have an option for getting water only from the machine don’t have water cups.

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  3. It is sad when they mention the nachos and smoked wings for the Brewhouse in the chef’s write up and then don’t even have them listed on the released menu link.  Also noticed the menu link does not identify which menu items are actually on the meal plan (only identifies snack items on the premium dining plan).  Will wait to see how many “up charges” occur with the various menu items later tonight.

    Nachos and wings aren’t on Dining plan, but are on menu. d1940db47f5530bab1e49590a7e8ae25.jpg

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  4. ^Let us know how it is. I almost went for it but decided to hold back for what I know is good.

    Also got the new beef at G&G. I liked it.
    They also have a new pork kabob option and sides like mac and cheese.

    Still not on level with kings dominion G&G… but a step in the right direction.

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  5. I went ahead and highlighted in yellow the special meal options on the Winterfest menu provided. Feel free to correct any mistakes or if anything should be added:

    Smoked Turkey at smokehouse and the shaved beef at grain and grill (#5) look new to me as well.

    Overall, for the few times I attend winterfest, this menu looks like some decent new options.

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  6. I was at Carowinds two weeks ago and the food there was borderline inedible. Canada's Wonderland was even worse (although I was there a week before Lazy Bear Lodge opened). 
    I agree that I have not been overly impressed with the Kings Island culinary scene this year. I'll take it over the food at Carowinds and Canada's Wonderland, but Cedar Point and especially Kings Dominion are so far ahead it's not even close.

    Carowinds new Leonardo’s Italian location was great. And their burrito bowl place with the offering of fried chip bowls and included fresh guacamole was better than Enrique’s.

    Canadas wonderland: back lot cafe made to order pizzas were great, and the lazy bear lodge is simply amazing.

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  7. Ate at G&G again yesterday. First time since it opened. It was good, but very uninspiring. Maybe I was spoiled by KD’s G&G and CP’s Grand Pavilion. Both of which gave you that, “I can’t believe I’m eating this in a theme park!” feeling. G&G just doesn’t and I can’t put my finger on why. 
    I also feel like the monthly specials are kind of lacking. Last month’s special at Enrique’s was just the chicken but in a different sized wrap. Like, why? The burger at the Brewhouse was okay, but why put the pork rinds on it just for people to pick them off? It was a pub burger with avocado. 
    Myself and others have also noticed some stuff that just wouldn’t have happened in years past. Three people at our table got clucks & barrels one time and both the chicken and the tater tots had a gross burnt taste to them. It was as if they hadn’t changed the oil but should have. I’m sure they would have replaced them if we asked, but my point is that I feel like this would have been pretty isolated in the past five years, but is becoming more common now. 
    The food is still better than it was before they started emphasizing the food. I just feel like things took a big step back this year. What gives? It’s all the same people, who ran a decently tight ship last year. All except the new Executive Chef, but can he personally be held responsible for all of this?
    Regardless, if any of you food people are out there reading this - thank you. You have a tough job that I wouldn’t want to do. None of this is directed at one person. You all work very hard!

    Fully agree. Kings Island was the leader of Cedar Fair food. It’s still better than it started… but the other parks are quickly exceeding the food quality. (KD, caro, CW… even CP pavilion on select days)

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  8. Got the enchiladas at Enrique’s.
    It’s essentially 3 soft shell corn tortillas with a small portion of chicken wrapped up.
    Beans on the side with your choice of red or green sauce on top. And then the normal toppings.

    Wasn’t bad. But it’s really not a “new” entree items and hardly is enchiladas vs just a skimpy raw corn tortilla roll up.

    Appreciate the attempt to bring a new menu item without a lot of effort. But I’d stick with the bowl or burrito. 9654c06e96877b66451b0095dbb66164.jpg

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  9. I think many would report that KD might be the best this year. CP’s turkey in the Grand Pavillion… I can’t say enough about how great it is! I ate it three times over the weekend!
    KI’s has fallen off badly this year. At Jukebox, my girlfriend got chicken tenders that had clearly been sitting around for a long time. They were rock solid. That wouldn’t have happened last year. In two different instances, I’ve had a table full of people who got the Clucks ‘n Barrels at Brew and either the chicken, the tots or both tasted like the oil hadn’t been changed in weeks. Like a terribly unappetizing dark color and burnt taste. I ate at the park dozens of times last year and this never happened. I’d be less concerned, but I’ve been visiting a lot less this year so the percentage of “old hat” quality meals is much higher. I don’t think the food is horrid. I still have more food than bad, but I am concerned about this trend

    Was at CP yesterday. The Turkey is no longer an option.

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  10. I’m starting to think that maybe Kings Island GP are the biggest users and abusers of the Season long dining plans. That would explain the small portions and portion control cups. Another thing I’ve noticed is neither of our BBQ restaurants serve brisket. They only have the cheap meats available. ( Chicken and pork. ) Carowinds, CP, and KD all had brisket. Heck Carowinds even had ribs.

    I would agree that because KI is near so many residences, a lot of people (myself included) use the dining plan a lot.

    Kings dominion is like 25 minutes from Richmond… so there’s likely a lot less people who are just swinging by for a meal.

    That said, Canadas wonderland is SURROUNDED by condos… way more people live close to that park than KI. And their food was even better than KD.

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  11. From my 3 park trip this past weekend:
    Out of the 3 parks I visited, Carowinds by far was the worst food out of them all. Edible but definitely had a “People gotta eat.” Vibe going on. Portions were small and the food seemed old. First night I ate at Harmony Hall Markeplace. The Ribs were tough, but the Mac n cheese was decent. On the second day, I had lunch at Chickie’s & Pete’s got the Philly cheesesteak with crab fries. Carowind’s does not include dipping sauce with the meal unlike CP. Last meal I ate was at Blue Ridge Country Kitchen, got the half chicken (pigeon) and Mac n cheese which was not even close to what was served at Harmony Hall the previous night. The Mac n Cheese seemed like picked off the shelf, GFS brand. All I can say about that meal is wow, that was baddd. I did splurge a bit and treated myself to a Fury Freeze, it was good but I’ll probably stick with picking more traditional flavored dip n dots after trying it. The best meal out of the three meals I ate there was the Philly Cheesesteak with crab fries.

    Leonardos (new Italian place) and the burrito bowl place at Carowinds were excellent.

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  12. Finally.
    It wasn’t listed on the entertainment portion of the app, but Saturday night they had live music (2 people) in front of their new restaurant/bar.

    This would be a great addition to the patio area of Enrique’s. I could see myself going to the park for a burrito bowl and a getting a beer and enjoying some live music in that area.

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  13. Canadas wonderland

    Amazing brisket. Served with chili churri sauce, cornbread muffin, and a side.
    Super lean (no fat) and so tender.
    I got this for 4 of my 5 meals there and was not sad.

    Shown with vegetable medley, which was also great and didn’t taste like it was previously frozen.

    They also had a Korean BBQ chicken half that was very good.


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