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Found 2 results

  1. For the offseason, I am setting ride goals for myself to accomplish this season. (Diamondback goal? 75.) But anyway, I obtained a Gold Pass last year for the first time, and I went about 10 times to the park. Unfortunately, I never had a chance to ride "the park's only flying coaster," Firehawk. I really wanted to ride it, because I never had rode it before. Every time I went back there, the ride wait sign said two hours. My friends never wanted to wait this long. So I pose the question to you, KI faithful, what are the best times during the day to ride Firehawk?
  2. Yesterday I was at Kings Island and Cedar Fair does the ride lines so different. i think they make it go slower so yull buy a fast-pass. i was waiting for Firehawk and the line was backed up to the end of the line thing, all that was left was walkway to station. as soon as you wait 45mins and get to the end of the line the worker tells about ten people at once to go to the station. he does that every 5 mins then you have to wait at the station for about 5 more mins. they just didnt do that on FH they did it on beast AE and others.
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