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Which Kings Island Eatery Is Your Favorite?


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I see more and more guests eating in/near their cars.

There's a message in there somewhere.

I forget what day it was, but one day this summer I got to the park on a crowded afternoon and if you didn't know any better you'd think it was a tailgating parking lot for a football game. That's how many people were in their cars eating, some people even had blankets under the marque. You are totally right, you'd think the park would take the hint.

As for my favorite place to eat at the park? I don't know why but I think LaRosa's pizza tastes so much better at the park. I think its cooked differently.

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I cant tell you whats the best but the worst has to be Wings Diner. It is the definition of what a restaurant shouldn't be. The guy at the register didnt say a word to us, just rang it up and took my card. After that, we than proceded to the buffet where there were Styrofoam plates. I mean seriously, I know its easier just to throw them away but if you pay 15 bucks, glass would be nice, even plastic would do.

The food was either out, or dried out. The selection was horrible, and the utensils and condiments were way off to the side. The cups were really small making you have to get up and refill it constantly. There was no music to speak of, and the TV's were on something like Sportscenter which is pretty boring w/o sound.

The only credit I can give it, outside of the buffet area, the place was pretty clean.

As someone said before, the KI parking lot at lunch time is more like a tailgate party outside of a football game, I have even seen people go as far as to bring mini grills and have a cookout.

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