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Top Gun Carowinds

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...but only if they license the name from. . . Paramount Pictures, a unit of Viacom, former owner of Paramount's Kings Island.

Since when has Titanic been known only as a movie?!? Sure they could not distribute the movie or a knockoff of the movie but they certainly could use the name, especially when the trademark as a movie title/intelectual property wears off.

Thats the thing that gets me about Top Gun. Top Gun is actually an elite flight school for the best of the best. Top Gun I believe could stay Top Gun as the trademark is no longer valid, whether based off the movie or not, All Paramount now owns is rights to market and distribute the movie. It seems to reason that as long as the flight school doesnt have a problem with it the name could stay.

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I believe that may hold true, about the logo. I think it would be construed as the logo to the movie distribution and cataloguing rights. But that would depend on if the logo stays with the production company as a part of distribution rights, or is in itself a trademark that wasnt renewed.

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