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Orange&Yellow rail track heading North on 275

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Yep, thats probably Behemoth track leaving clermont steel fabrications out by route 32 and heading to wonderland. cstrwoman, 275 is a highway that loops around cincinnati and even at its northermost point is still probably a good 3 hours from Geauga Lake and even further from Michigans Adventure. If in fact thunderhawk is going from GL to MIA why would be down here on a highway that loops around the greater cincinnati area?

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The track in question is for Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland. They are making great progress with the ride, with new pieces of track arriving daily.

A look at current progress (in the back is the future train maintenance shed/trasfer track. The visible track is the brake run, leading into the final turnaround into the future station.):


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I wasn't sure what park you were refering to. I call Canada Wonderland-CWL not CW. Carowinds is CW in my books. I wasn't sure where 275 was either. I hope Behemoth is a great coaster.

Paramount called Carowinds PC and Wonderland PCW. Since C is a bit pretentious, I suspect most will call Carowinds CWi and Wonderland CWo. As most used PCWi and PCWo before. CW is just confusing. Country & Western? And it isn't Canada's WonderLand...but Canada's Wonderland! :)

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Looking at the progress already done, either B&M has other coasters up their sleeves or this ride will be MUCH larger than I'm imagining it.

I don't know. It must be larger than expected, because RCDB only has 3 or 4 (depending on how you look at it) B&Ms for 2008. One is, obviously, Behemoth. Another is Led Zeppelin for Hard Rock Park. Those are the two sure-openings for '08. The Batman invert from SF New Orleans is being relocated to Fiesta Texas as Goliath, but since its a relocation I don't think B&M would be involved much, if at all. The last one listed is a Dive Machine at some park in China. RCDB isn't even sure if its opening in 2008 - they are just assuming its going to be ready for the Chinese New Year. So I'm not sure why its taking so long. Maybe they are concentrating on Led Zeppelin. Or you could be right - it might just be a huge project. :unsure:

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When you actually see the construction site in person, you get a better feeling about how truly big this ride will be. The brake run is a very small part of the ride.

Here's an image with the heights of various parts of the ride listed:


And...I still do not understand Cedar Fair's infatuation with building Roller Coaster stations up 50 feet above ground!

Well, I see somewhat how it is adventageous, but I walked right up to Montu's station, and had to hike a mile to get to Raptors. Its just hard for me to understand, why every coaster they build has to start off 30+feet above ground!

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