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TR: 10-14-07


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Today one of my good friends and I hit KI for what will probably be the last time this season (unfortunately). We both got passes back in May and they've been put to good use throughout the year. Neither of us particularly cares for the Halloween stuff, so Sunday was our day of preference to visit because we knew there would be light crowds.

We arrived at about 10 till, and waited for the rope in AZ to drop so we could ride Firehawk. Today was the first time I've actually ridden it twice in one day because I don't usually feel like waiting in a long line. :P We rode once and then turned back around and waited for about 15 min. to ride again. After hitting a few more rides we went out to the car for lunch around 12:30 because my friend hadn't really been feeling that great (which is unusual for him), so we decided to rest.

We came back in and rode some more, but eventually he realized he wasn't really feeling any better, so we resorted to doing some other things: I took some photos, we watched some people play the three-point challenge, we also visited the discount shops for all the Paramount merchandise, and I left the park for the day with five pieces of Paramount apparel for $15, not bad. They have a bunch of shirt racks outside the KI Keepsakes shop where you can buy 1 for $2 or 3 for $5. Also inside they'll give you a bag, and you can pick as much merchandise as will fit in the bag for $10. I didn't get any of that 'cause it was mostly stuff I didn't have a use for, but still not bad deals. I did get a couple of Winterfest items, one even without any Paramount branding, but it was still only $5, because it was something they would have sold with the Winterfest merchandise.

We left the park around 5:30 because we'd done a good amount of riding and my friend was not in a position to do much more. Both of us would have liked to have ridden Sling Shot, and probably would have it they had kept the price at $5 the whole day, but it was changed to $10 later on because they had a lot of takers. (Should have bought the tickets when given the chance. :rolleyes: ) I finally rode Skyflier for the first time back in early September and thought it was great, and I was hoping to get a first ride on Sling Shot, but it looks like that will have to wait until next season, oh well.

I noticed a fair amount of enthusiast types walking around the park today. I didn't talk to anyone, but there were people with PPP shirts, a couple of people I recognized from KIC day, and some others that I overheard talking to an AE ride op about a part of the train that no longer exists I guess it was. I didn't catch all the words they were saying, but they seemed to be knowledgeable about the subject, and one was wearing a Top Gun sweatshirt, so it seems likely that they were of the enthusiast circle.

One other thing I noticed from the day was that SOB seemed a whole lot smoother than it did 1-2 months ago. Today marked one of the best rides I've ever had on the coaster. On the flip side Beast, although not rougher than usual, was not so pleasant. I'm thinking now that the G-trains might not be so bad on this ride after all, at least for the rider's sake. Both of us were eventually stapled by the ride as is normal, and being a taller person, myself, the lapbars on PTC trains don't leave much legroom especially when you're stapled because you have to point your legs inward anyway. Anyway, I find the new SOB trains much more comfortable.

Overall it turned out to be another good day for being at the park, not too hot, but not too cold. My friend although not feeling well for part of the time, enjoyed it as well, and he felt fine on the return trip. And we got to do some things we don't normally have time for at the park. On a side note, I was impressed with all the HH decorations, even though Halloween events aren't really my cup of tea, and I personally think that the mature themes that KI is going for this year are over the top, the sets and scenes throughout the park were well done in terms of decorating, and they left the mature content inside the actual Haunt attractions.

So yeah, overall it was a great day. Hopefully I'll get to visit again before the season's out, but if not, this was not a bad way to end it. I hope you enjoyed my trip report. :)

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I hope when i go to KI on Friday they still have stuff at the shops.. the all you can fit in the bag for $10. Good TR.

Ok I am a Kings Island junkie and when I went to the shops the price to fill that bag is $20.00 but still a great value!!! This past week we got those frosty Fear Fest Mugs - omg I got 8 or 9 of them and gave them to my kids as well as kept a few for me. You put those things in the freezer upside down - take them out when frosted - put in TWO ice cubes and any drink - it is SLUSH in a matter of minutes!!! Needless to say I have quite a few of those mugs!! As for other merchandise I have gotten Beast snow globes which are normally $15.00 - ended up with at least 5 of them that again passed out to family and friends, many toys for the grandchildren, hats, there is sooo much in there that we have yet to find anything without some use. Even those blinkie shot glasses from Italian Stunt Job lol. Yea I am still giving them out!!! Basically it is WELL worth a look and purchase!! If you love Kings Island let's pitch in there and help them liquidate their Paramount Stock before the end of Halloween Haunt - after this month you will no longer have that chance!!

Now for the Sunday at the park I am happy to hear it is not busy because I plan on bringing a granddaughter to their Nick or Treat this Sunday. I have no idea how I am going to swing this as going to Haunt Friday and Saturday nights then not leaving until that last employee is gone - we have to wait for my son-in-law get back from his haunt location before we can leave. I am not leaving my daughter out there alone so I hang out with her at Paramount Theater so if you want to meet me - come on down! If there is a crowd please stop by anyway and say hello - let me know who you are - I am not hard to spot - big woman in a wheelchair - hmmm not a hard find. If you see me in the park please stop and say hello!

Back to the merchandise - no matter what you get someone will want something. I took my daughter-in-law in there and my youngest daughter - let them pick out what they wanted and paid for it. Filled that bag up nicely and all were very happy with what they got!! Those T-Shirts are well made as well and an awesome value for your money - especially you college kids!!

By the way awesome trip report - hope your friend is feeling better!! Glad to know that we can get on those hot rides easier on Sundays as well as Fridays!! Yes Friday nights are almost dead. This past week it was pretty busy but after this week it does slow down a lot.

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15 minutes for Firehawk in the morning is pretty good but when i was at the park on September 30th I got in line at 3:00 and got on in 5 minutes although i doubt even 2,000 guests were at the park that day. If anybody wants to make one last trip just to ride every ride possible i recommend you go on a Sunday!

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