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How many times did you visit Kings Island in 2007?


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Twice... but I would have been there a lot more if I hadn't been placed on mandatory weekend overtime ALL SUMMER! :angry: I plan on scheduling vacation days around KI trips for the 2008 season, especially since my niece finally broke 48"!!! She's never been and I look forward to sharing the experience with her!

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5 times to KI for me (April, Memorial Day, July, Fri-Sat Halloween Haunt last weekend)

But thats because Im 3 hours away and I have CP 1.25 hours away, I went there 12 times this year (including 3 trips to Soak City and 2 trips during Halloweekends)

Looking forward to my return trip for opening day...

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I Go every week, as stated, but this year I will not.

I am visiting more parks this year! :lol:

1. I am visiting Cedar Point with my aunt in June! :lol:

2. I am going to Florida for 2 weeks, and I will go to Islands of Adventure! :lol:

3. My dad and my brother and I will take days off to go to indiana Beach! :lol:

Can't Wait! :lol:

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I only made it 4 times. I live in Indy and I was preparing for college/working/going to CP. I made 2 trips to CP for a grand total of 4 days as well. This year will probably be even fewer. I have one KI trip scheduled for opening weekend. HS prom trip w/ Girlfriend. And a possibility for a 5 day CP trip opening week. After that its going to be work for school money. I might get one or two in, but thats it. :(

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