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It's Almost Kings Island Time! Cinnabon To Kings Island, Season Passes, Halloween Haunt & More!

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The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. Spring training is in full swing and the hockey season's end is on the horizon. What does this mean? It's almost time for Kings Island!

Kings Island is doing its final preparations for opening day 2008, which will be Sunday, April 20th. This year you will see many improvements including a renovated guest relations area, Cinnabon will delight its guests with the sweet smell of cinnamon and sugar, and six amazing shows will be there for your entertainment needs, including two shows which will be featured in the Festhaus, which is something that hasn't been done in over a decade! Not enough? Stay tuned to KICentral.com and find out what else may be in store for you in 2008!

Don Helbig, the Public Relations Area Manager for Kings Island, has been kind enough to contribute some images of the rides being prepared for opening day as well as a photo update of the Cinnabon construction site. Click here to see the photos!

Have you ever been to an enthusiast event at Kings Island? If so (or even if you haven't) tell us what would make the PERFECT event for you to attend at Kings Island. Please take our survey and share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas.

Kings Island Central is proud to announce a new service that we are currently testing. You can now have the latest Kings Island info sent directly to your phone as a text message! Whether you're at home, work, school, or even at the park itself, you can now receive the latest Kings Island news and information without even having to be near a computer. Click here for more information on KICentral.com's official mobile club!

It has been officially announced that Halloween Haunt 2008 will be FREE with your 2008 season pass! Weekends in October, Nickelodeon Universe will be loaded family-friendly Halloween-inspired attractions... but when daylight turns to starlight, Kings Island will transform from a destination of summer fun into a haunted haven where demons lurk around every corner. Purchase your 2008 season pass now and get FREE parking and FREE admission to Halloween Haunt!

Did you know that Kings Island has a new option for season passes? New for 2008! Kings Island offers the Cedar Fair Platinum Pass. With the new Platinum Pass, not only do you get a summer of fun at Kings Island but you get FREE admission and FREE parking to all Cedar Fair parks, including but not limited to, Kings Island, Cedar Point, Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom, Dorney Park, Knott's Berry Farm, Kings Dominion and Carowinds! Click here for more information and to order your 2008 Kings Island Season Pass or Cedar Fair Platinum Pass!

Mark your calendars! Sunday, April 20, 2008, will be Kings Island's opening day for the 2008 season! New for 2008! Kings Island will be open FRIDAYS in May! Click here to view Kings Island's 2008 operating schedule and remember to save the date, April 20, 2008!

2008 will be a very exciting year at Kings Island! Spirit Song will be making its amazing return to the Timberwolf Theatre July 10-12. Tickets go on sale March 21st. For this three day Christian music festival which will include acts such as Newsboys, Hawk Nelson, Kutless, Dizmas and many many more! Click here for details about Spirit Song 2008! Tickets purchased before June 6th qualify for a special early bird discount.

Still haven't processed your 2008 season pass? Kings Island invites you to avoid the lines and have your season pass processed before the park opens to the public! The season pass processing center will be open at Kings Island from 4pm to 8pm on weekdays starting April 1st, and 11am to 8pm weekends until April 18th. If you have a voucher for a free Cedar Fair VIP jacket it may be redeemed during the days listed above.

Are you an avid Kings Island fan or do you casually visit once a year? It doesn't matter! KICentral.com is the site for you. Why not register on the forums of KICentral and tell us about your thoughts and experiences involving Kings Island! Registration is fast, FREE, and easy. Don't forget to keep checking KICentral.com for the latest news, rumors and information about Kings Island amusement park!



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:blink: The Coney midway's looking like my dad's driveway: hope they resurface it soon...

[edit] the midway~dad can resurface his own driveway :lol:

Where is Cinnabon being built?

International Street.

Thanks, Angryemobeaver. I'm looking more for like is it being built on the north or south side of the fountains, what store used to be there, stuff like that. Hard to tell from the picture. -Tb

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They could always move the ropes up towards the tower and then block off the entrance to Coney and open all of the shops up then it would accommodate both the park as they get a head start on the business and also the guests as all of the shops on I-Street would be open and they would have something to do for the 30 minutes before the park opens

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What an innovative idea....sounds like the way Taft, KECO and even Viacom ran the park, successfully for so many years. I agree with you. Will they have the courage to try something so sensible?

It was an innovative idea. Back in the 70's, 80's, 90's, and part of the 00's it was innovative. <G>

Who knows, seems like CF may be using some pages out of KECO's success book.

Sooooo.... Maybe we'll see it again.

By the way, sounds like Screamscape got it right again with some of their facts.

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Because who was in there taking pictures was Don Helbig, the PR guy for the park. He took pictures and released them to this media outlet only of what he and the park wanted you to see. It's called building excitement. And it's obviously working.

Send in the cranes,

There ought to be cranes,

And now it's next year.

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^O.K. I get it. He is really good at creating hype.

Even though I'm Kinda sick of

"Thank you for intrest in Kings Island, At this time we have nothing to tell you, but opening day is Aprill 20th, why don't you come on down and find out?"

And you got youre cranes thing going on again, don't you Interp?

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And I STILL Never understand any of you're little hints.

Can you give me a better one, or PM a REALLY obvious one?

In a word...no. :)

There is a reason those who may know things do....it's called keeping things in confidence and having credibility. Keep your enthusiasm, though! :)

Ugh. I have to be one of the npn-knowlageables! (Is that A Word?)

Either way, I can't wait to see the construction sites, and slap myself on the head while saying, "Gosh, I was SO dumb!"

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^Which is what they want.

I love taking pictures, and this year I will be documenting everything for my personal gallery. And I will be taking pictures of every bit of construction

so you are saying they want everyone in the park to just go to rivertown? leaving all of the other rides with no lines at all. it would be like when everyone ran to x-base to be first in line for Firehawk.

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Thats it woofer :lol:

I also think it is a great idea for the park to consider. I mean think about it, all 2008 season, people will be seeing new developments concerning this new ride all season. it is a good marketing strategy also for the next season season pass and ticket sales.

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Thats it woofer :lol:

I also think it is a great idea for the park to consider. I mean think about it, all 2008 season, people will be seeing new developments concerning this new ride all season. it is a good marketing strategy also for the next season season pass and ticket sales.

It's not disclosed that it is a new ride.

It could be most any type of new construction.

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