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Guests Say The Darnest Things


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1 hour ago, Coasterteam said:

honorary mention to people who add "The" to every ride

The Flight of Fear

The Diamondback

The Orion

The Invertigo

The Adventure Express

The The Beast (I've heard it once!)

I heard "The Son of The Beast" Sunday!

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Daughter and I at park on Sunday.   Riding Mystic Timbers and met a guy from Michigan (first time at park) and he had bought a fast pass.   Told him too bad for that day since park was DEAD and all rides were walk on.    He wanted to ride Beast but it was said to be down.   Riding Mystic we saw Beast running.  Found him after ride and we headed to Beast with him.    While walking to Beast he said he heard they removed the loop in the track redo....   We said no just retracking and that was SOB which is long gone....   

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My cousin (who is about 50) mentioned The Bat killing someone the other day. I tried to be polite about correcting her.

Here are some fun things I've heard in recent trips:

  • The Racer was retracked by GCI (easy mistake to make I suppose).
  • Woman on Orion telling her husband that they were planning to take out Diamondback but that got delayed because of Vortex
  • Some know-it-all type behind me on DB said that Mystic Timbers "isn't even a real wood coaster because it has steel <inaudible>"





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6 hours ago, Coasterteam said:

Learn something new every day. But this guy was clearly referring to the recent TGG retrack.

Speaking of AE, the guy who said MT isn't a wood coaster also said all the statues in AE were broken. Clearly hadn't been on it in a while.

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While at Cedar Point on Monday, there was a woman behind me while waiting on line for Steel Vengeance who was thoroughly convinced that it was the oldest ride in the park, simply because it was "a wooden roller coaster." Her reaction to the ride op manning the metal detectors telling her the actual age of the attraction was priceless, followed by her continued confusion on why an amusement park would still want to build a wooden coaster.

Just for comparison's sake, Steve is set to begin preschool this year at 4. Blue Streak, now the park's only full-blooded wooden coaster, just went to his 40-year high school reunion last week and received a commemorative plaque by his former peers.

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On 6/28/2022 at 9:58 AM, rlentless said:

I heard some kids talking about they moved The Vortex to Carowinds and they will get to ride it again when they go on vacation.

I was just at Carowinds last weekend, and can verify that Vortex is not there. However, The Vortex train bodies were indeed repainted and run on the Carolina Cyclone, so these kids are not entirely wrong.

I did ride KI’s old Flying Eagles, currently called “Mountain Gliders”. An imaginative and well executed theme in my opinion. I’d rather have them at home, but glad to see they are being treated well. 

Finally, it was a strange feeling to see all the old Firehawk trains stored on the ground under Fury’s lift hill. Who knows if they will fly again?


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2 hours ago, Taylor.B03 said:

Has anyone ever been on The Beast and have not heard anyone talk about the slow lift hill? I am convinced that it is impossible to not hear someone say something about it.

"They slow it down to build suspense!" 

"I hate the slow lift hill! Why does it randomly speed up???"


long story short: blocks.

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