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I swear this exact thread gets posted at least once a month; this and what is your least favorite coaster.

Flat: Tomb Raider: The Ride

Coaster: King Cobra

lol oh...i havent been on here long lol..so i wouldnt have known that..lol oh well

mine would have to be for steel: either italian job or top gun

flat ride: crypt

water: wwc

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steel:Flight of Fear :lol:

wood:Son of Beast :unsure: beast

flat:Delirium :wacko:

kids area:fairly odd coaster :unsure: runaway reptar

runaway reptar is kinda good lol..i usually start out on that one cause everyoene else runs to the other high thrill rides first so there is always huge lines by the time i get wherever so i just go over there and ride this lol. no line there ;)

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thats true. i like that ride. it always pumped me up.The Racers never has a big line

never have ridden The Racer..plus i dont really ride wodden rides that much cause they tend to kill my back. had major back surgery when i was 15. hard to believe it was almost 5 years ago..but yea, i can ride a wooden coaster, but then have to quit for almost the whole day. how smooth is The Racer anyways. i know there was a post about this exact question and i looked at it..but im trying to get more opinions lol

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My Favorites at Kings Island

Favorite Kiddie Ride : Tie - Avatar / Fairly Odd Coaster

Favorite Flat : As of 2008 The Crypt

Favorite Steel : Tie FOF / Firehawk

Favorite Wood : Tie The Beast / Recar

Favorite Food : La Rosas Pizza

Favorite New for '08 : Mix Up ICEEs

Favorite Pile of Wood : SOB

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I wish Kings Island would go the extra mile with their Roller Coaster themeing the way Disney does....If you ever ride Expedition Everest you will be amazed.

Definitely. And you can never go wrong with some on-ride audio; like hearing Steven Tyler scream bits of "Dude Looks Like a Lady" and "Love in a Roller Coaster" in your ear while going 60mph.

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