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6-3-08 Tuesday


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I knew the rain might be coming but I took my chances anyway because you just never know. I arrived at the park at around 10:30 a.m. to see someone finally manning the gold pass gate. My first stop was Invertigo. I was about two trains from boarding when the coaster was shut down. The reason we were given was that there was lightning in the area and that it had to clear a 5 mile radius of the park. "No big deal, I'll wait it out here" I thought. Well, about 50 minutes later it started raining harder and I was out of there. At that point I thought the day would be a complete loss.

After talking to a very nice older gent on the Yellow Crew, I headed to FOF only to be greeted with a two hour wait. "Next." It was then on to the Crypt. The line was just out of the building so in I went. 25 minutes and one intense ride later, I was done. Luckily it stopped raining so I was off to The Beast, which had absolutely no line. However, no line didn't mean no wait on this day as every coaster with the exception of Firehawk was running only one train. After showing my pass, I was on twice and it was great. I love the middle seat!!

On to BLSC. I was just about to the bridge after a 20 minute wait or so, and boom here's the rain again. I got drenched but as people left, I inched closer to the station and the rain let up after about 10 minutes. After an empty train, it was about 10 minutes an I was on.

Now I thought I could sneak in a ride on Vortex before the meanacing skies did their worst. Boy was I wrong. Two trains away from boarding, Vortex was shut down. After about 10 minutes an upper level person named Brian informed everyone to seek more adequate shelter. That freaked me out a little, but I got out of there as soon as I could. I was certain that the park would be closed at that point as it was nearly 4 and the rain was falling very hard. I made the executive decision to leave for the day and was on my way out when I was pulled to the "Bank a Ball" game. After a nice chat (and about an hour of rain) with the game people and a couple other guestes I saw The Racer send out an empty train. Off to The Racer, and a pretty nice ride on a classic coaster.

By this time the rain has stopped for the rest of my visit, but not the rest of my day. So I hit up Invertigo 2X with my pass, and SoB with moderate waits on both due to the one train op. Interesting side note, Delirium did not operate the entire day.

Venturing over to Firehawk I get extremely lucky as the line is just out of the station and quoted at 30 minutes. With both trains running, it doesn't take nearly that long, and I'm on in less than the 30. I decide to try FoF again only to find that it's shut down for a "mechanical problem." By now it's around 7 so I end my day with a trip on BLSC. Once again it shuts down, but I wait it out, and get two rides in after a 15 minute wait. I end the day with a double ride on The Beast and when I return to the station, there's no line at all. In through the trap door, and up to the station and I'm on the last train of the night. As I'm looking at the mystery construction, the Tornado sirens go off. At this time I'm met by a security guard telling me to leave via Nick U. It's weird to see no one in the park, and the games and such are still running as was the music and sound effects for SDATHC. All in all it was a productive trip even with the rain.

Dinner at BK and I see on the news that Oxford is getting hammered by the storm, and it's heading right towards Mason. After waiting a bit I decide to try to make it home before the storm hits 75. I've never seen so much lightning and the rain was just crazy. I made it home safe and sound to my waiting package of random shirts from Woot.

Thanks for reading.

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How do you go about doing the double-ride Tuesdays thing with the Gold Pass? Do you show them as you're boarding, or when your done, or what?

Um, on The Beast they wanted you to show before you boarded, but on Invertigo, I tried to show them my pass and they didn't really care. Not sure if that's due to a crappy day or what, but I tried and they just let me ride. Actually on my second double on The Beast, another guest rode with me and they didn't check his pass so who knows? I would make sure someone sees your pass just to be on the safe side.

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Great TR and I understand how you felt about the rain as i was also at the park Tuesday but as you said its the chance you take. That storm that came through when you were at Vortex was pretty crazy but the reason they told you to take shelter was most likely because it was causing Tornado Warnings in Indiana before it got to the park but did not cause anything real bad at the park. Im glad to hear about the guy that told you guys to take better shelter because that is just telling you that in the most dangerous weather situations they want to make sure that everybody is safe from the storm.

I would like to know though why every coaster except Firehawk was only running one train, just seemed a little odd. Also the Delirium issue, Im not sure if it ran Wednesday but i was at the park Thursday and Delirium ran for a couple of hours then closed down again so i dont know if there is a problem that maintenance is just unable to solve or if its just a string of little things happening with the ride.

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Sorry you had a bad day at KI. I remember when even if it rained they kept the rides open unless it was downpouring or they saw lightning. Hopefully next time will be good for you!

Wasn't really a bad day, just a soaking wet day. I got lots of good rides in. When I think about it of the 10 hours the park was open, and the 8-8.5 that rides ran, I was pretty lucky.

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Hi kawana.I'm the guy who rode The Beast with you.That was the very first time I've got to ride the very last train of the night on The Beast.I've come close a few times(2nd or 3rd to last).

Welcome to the forums. I'm glad to hear that you made it home safely. I got out of Mason just in time to have a pretty easy trip home.(relatively speaking) Now that I think about it, I think that last train ride was my first too, I always seem to be near the end to but not lucky enough to be on the last train. It was nice meeting you and getting to talk with you.

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