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PKI Childhood Memories.


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I got alot of memories I would like to share.

1. My first racer ride I literally peeed my pants cause I was so scared. :( .

2.Always wanting to go into the boats and shoot out the tenis balls. I never got to.

3.Running up the steps of the big potato sack slide and getting yelled at.

4.Running around in that 3 storie maze I think were that slat zoen thing is now and getting yelled at for running and tackleing kids.

5.THe most famous memory was when I slipped on a water slide and got 5 stiches I think in the back of my head.

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-my first ride was the viking fury.

-my first coaster was Adventure Express- where I got really scared when I saw the skeleton with the spear, that I kept my eyes closed(and still do) the entire ride.

-my grandma was so afraid of The Beast that she took me to ride the antique cars about a dozen times while my dad and grandpa rode The Beast.

-me refusing to ride king cobra, getting forced on it, then hating it afterwards.

-me making the ride ops groan at King Cobra, because they had to keep adjusting my seat.

-When I got turned down from riding FOF, because I was too short. (the cursed height stick got me!)

-Around 6th grade, I got so completely obsessed with pki and roller coasters after riding Beast and Vortex for the first time.

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My first major coaster was The Racers and in fact it was the only major coaster at that time. My mother used to have to bribe me with a dollar to ride it because I was so scared. I can remember when The Beast opened, I would not even ride it. I think the name must have been what intimidated me because you can't really see it other than the first lift hill. Other good memories include lots of spinning on Der Spinnin' Keggers. I used to love the Bayern Curve. I always wanted to ride in the car with the American Flag on it. I remember getting one ride in on The Bat. What an awesome suspended coaster. Probably the best there ever was as far as experience goes. You couldn't beat the coolness of The Bat trains either. I also used to love the Rotor...my uncle used to position himself funny where his arms and legs were spread out. And, I loved the multiple helices of the Bavarian Beetle. Not to mention good memories of those classic walk around characters like Captain Caveman, Huckleberry Hound, and many more. I always looked forward to going to KI(before Paramount) because we would eat lunch first at LaRosa's before starting our day. I still think to this day that they make one of the best pizzas.

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-KCKC: I loved riding up in the tree tops

-Getting a funnelcake and hot chocolate at the end of the night, and going out to our car and sitting on the hood with my family watching the fireworks from there.

-Sitting on what is now the coney skyline patio, which used to be the lunch basket patio, and hearing the story of how my parents met. Yes, they were a PKI romance.

-Stuffing paper towels in my shoes to make me tall enough to ride The Beast.

-Playing that dumb guess my weight game, when the dude actually got it right.

-The awed look on my best friend's face upon seeing the launch the first time we rode FOF.

-In high school, I had a season pass every year, and so did 4 of friends. The last day of class was always let out at 12 noon, so we'd drive up to KI and spend the last day of "class" / start of our summer with each other doing crazy stuff.

I think that's about all I can remember right this instant, without dragging out my photo album.

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- Driving my three younger brothers from Indy to PKI for a sibling trip every summer.

- Standing in the parking lot staring at my brother in disbelief as he revealed he had lost our car keys somewhere in the park. They were finally found on The Vortex - apparently they had fallen out of his pocket and landed in the seat. That was good fortune because otherwise I might have killed my brother. haha

- Hitting the Smurf ride every afternoon because of the A/C. Once we were in the boats, we knew all the lines and could talk along with the characters....when there was dialogue. Lots of laughs came from this.

- Wearing the fanny pack for my family because my brothers were lame and refused to carry their own stuff.

- Eating lunch at the IS LaRosas....NEVER the one in Rivertown. Ahhh, tradition.

- Coming to PKI for my 8th grade class trip and riding White Water Canyon over and over. There were hardly any people in the park, so the ride ops let us stay on. And ohhhh, how lovely my big bangs and spiral perm looked after five times through!!

- Standing in line for nearly three hours the summer Drop Zone opened. When we finally got on the ride, I had to laugh as I listened to my football-playing brother's labored breathing at the top. Classic!!

- Collecting the little view master things with out annual picture from Keyhole Photo. I must have 10 of these!

Good times. Good times.

Happy days,

PKImaureen :lol:

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Tastes Great Less Filling is the motto from some light beer - but I don't remember much. I never heard anybody do it, but I would assume it has to do with the fact that the Beer gardens were right next to Viking Fury, and that the people on high end are getting good negative G, but the people down at the bottom arent really getting any feeling. But I have never heard that so far. :lol:

My first memory of PKI was July 21 of this year. I had been when I was about four years old, because I distincly remember the Eiffel Tower. It would have been around 1987, because it was the last time my mom went, and I she says she rode Vortex.

Anyway, I have been scared of roller coasters ever since I rode a little kiddie coaster over at Americana. I vaguely remember it, but it was probably along the lines of Top Cats Taxi Jam. When I went to PKI on the 21st, my aunt and uncle said - "You wanna ride The Racer? Its a good one to start out on. Its really small, practically a kiddie coaster!" So I got on it, but when I got to the top of the lift hill, and looked out over the track, I realized how high I was and how long the ride was. I held on to the side of the train with one hand, and used the other hand to hold onto the seat divider. When I got off, I was completely pale. :lol:

My other best memories were the first time I was able to ride Vortex (I would get sick looking at it) on Labor Day Weekend, and my ride in Wild Thornberries on Nov 7. So I don't have a lot of memories, but I have only been going a couple of months.

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-First experence on The Beast when i was 6

-i got scared when i rode Vikings fury at the same age,:lol:

-Having the first piece of Larosas pizza while watching Paramount on ice in the festhouse (which i remember B))

-Riding KC for the first time when i was 12, which was a great experence

-scared crapless on Drop Zone on dry run day at the same age

Ill stll remeber ye old memories at PKI, they'll keep going as my life progresses

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-The first time I ever went when I was about 6, when my aunt took me. (We were an Americana family before that)

-My first looper, the King Cobra... I remember that I was TERRIFIED of loops until I was about 7 when I forced myself on KC. I thought anyone who would ride The Vortex was clinically insane.

-First ride I ever rode at PKI, SR&R.

-Waiting 4 hours for Flight of Fear in 1996... twice in one day!

-Getting blamed for breaking the Flying Eagles when they went down this season, even though I wasn't even there that night.

-Becoming such good friends with the people from the site like Dane, Dan, Rick, Greg, James, Stella, Todd, Todd, and Brandon. (Forgive me if I forgot anyone)

-This isn't exactly a childhood memory (nor was the last couple), but I will always remember the 2004 season as being the best season ever for PKI!

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(Disclaimer: You will notice Smurfs were in a lot of my childhood moments)

-Riding Smurfs for the first time when I was 4 or 5. I remember staring in awe at how big Gargamel (spelling?) was. Since I was small at the time, I now wonder how big he really was.

-Being bribed by my dad with a dollar to try recaR after riding forwards. I refused.

-Almost crying when I saw Scooby Zoom in the place of the Smurfs boat turnstile.

-Always wanting to sit on the bench in HB that had the two (plaster, plastic, wood?) smurfs sitting on it.

-Willing to ride The Racer, but The Beastie always terrified me, no matter how many times I rode it.

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When it comes to defunct rides, now that I think of it:

-I was scared out of my wits when I rode flight commander with my dad, and I begged him not to flip the car over. I was seven at the time.

-after much coaxing from my mom, I finally rode sky lab with my dad, and loved it!

-watching that game show in the festhaus when they had it. It involved putting velcro suits on people, sticking them to a pizza-looking thing, and people putting toppings on them. It was very amusing.

-breakfast with the characters(I still have pictures of this)when boo-boo, scooby, fred flintstone, and other characters came and posed while we took pictures in the All-star cafe.

-I couldn't tell the difference between kckc and flume, they were both next to Beast.

-My parents posing with Klingons from star trek when they walked around the park.

-Action 180 theater. Everyone in my family hated it.

-I remember seeing a musical lazer show in the paramount theater. That was pretty cool, and it smelled like sulfur afterwards.

-my first year seeing pki (I think I was seven), Days of Thunder (the motion movie) was a huge thing. I really wanted to ride it because pki made a huge deal out of it. I was just barely tall enough to ride it, but it was my favorite ride in the park that year.

-always wanting to ride Dino or Jabber Jaws on the HB carousel.

-Posing for pictures in the busytown cars. My fav was the banana-shaped car.

-thinking I was going to fall into the blue elephant fountain.

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My memory is when I used to be scared of The Beastie. Then one year I rode The Racer, and then rode The Beastie, and it seemed so small and slow.

I also remember riding the Sunshine Turnpike with my Dad, when I was too short to drive by myself. Then the year I was tall enough to drive by myself, 1994, the Sunshine Turnpike had been removed, to my major disappointment. I remember seeing the broken pavement with green "gak" bubbling up from the broken pavement.

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Oh yes good ole memories of Kings Island.......

Riding my first amusement park ride the flying eagles with my Dad and him showing me the tricks of the trade of getting them in the trees. (Thanks Dad)

Riding my first roller coaster The Racer.

Riding my first major STEEL coaster the Screamin' Demon

Burning up in the monorail on the wild animal habitat (seemed like the ac was always off)

Begging my mom to take me in the shoes of the Flying Dutchman, and her getting sick. (Thanks Mom!)

Going on the Zodiac and being scared to death.

The Smurf's attraction, who didn't love this as a kid! Oh how nice it was to get out of the summer heat.

Going to the park several times in the year of 96 just trying to get on the Outer Limits. Thinking back to when I actually got to the ride and seeing it take off for the first time and thinking to myself, How do they do that?

Riding Skylab over and over and over.

Waiting 3 1/2 hours for a few second ride on Drop Zone in 99, but loving every second of it.

Finally getting tall enough to tame The Beast!

Characters roaming the park.

My picture of Scooby and I (my childhoof hero and still is)

Kings Island landscaping /Pizza / fireworks.

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