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Kings Island Unveils Its Meanest Ride in 36 Years: Diamondback, The BRADY BUNCH Returns to Kings Island, 2009 Season Passes & More!

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Ryan, Dane, Gabe, and Ronny live from Wings Diner.

It's big, it's steel, and it's coming in April of 2009!

Diamondback, Kings Island's new B&M steel coaster will be the tallest and fastest coaster at the park! With a total of ten vertical drops, Diamondback will feature a track length of 5,282'. It has maximum height of 230', Diamondback will be the park's first steel 'hyper' coaster. "Diamondback will change the landscape for thrill seekers at Kings Island." said Don Helbig, Public Relations Area Manager for Kings Island, "It will be the tallest, fastest, meanest coaster at the park!"

Each train will feature a unique stadium seating-style, unobstructed open air view which will be the first of its kind in the United States.

The Breakdown:

Track Length: 5,282'

Ride Time: 3 Minutes

Maximum Height: 230'

Length of First Hill: 222'

Length of First Drop: 215'

Length of Other Drops: 193', 131', 129', 110', 106'

Total Drops: 10

Fastest Speed: 80 mph

Hourly Capacity: 1,620 riders

Number of Trains: 3

Track: 852.5 Tons of Steel

Supports: 650.5 Tons of Steel

Braking System: Combination of magnetic, water and mechanical

Footprint: 10 Acres

Manufacturer: Bolliger and Mabillard

Cost: $22 Million


KICentral.com Announcement Day Photos: http://www.KICentral.com/photos/thumbnails.php?album=255

to see a video tribute to Diamondback!

Are you excited about 2009? Why not purchase a 2009 season pass now and beat the rush! 2009 season passes are now on sale and you can now renew 2008 passes online as well. Click here to be brought to Kings Island's official web site for more details!

In 1973, The Brady Bunch was one of the most popular shows on television. In their episode entitled "The Cincinnati Kids" Mr. and Mrs. Brady brought the gang to Cincinnati so that Mike Brady could propose a design for a new area to the brand new theme park just outside of Cincinnati called Kings Island!

35 years later, members of the Brady Bunch will return to Kings Island and perform four live 30-minute audience participation shows at Kings Island. Former Bradys who are scheduled to perform are Barry Williams (Greg), Susan Olsen (Cindy) and Mike Lookinland (Bobby). Each performance will be followed by a Q&A session. This event will happen on August 31st and is FREE with park admission!

Keep tuned into KICentral.com for the latest Kings Island news, rumors and information!

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This looks like it could be one of B&M's best hypers. I hope there's some serious airtime on those hills. And I'm glad they used the 4-across trains rather than the Behemoth-style trains. Can't wait for next year!

Also.. anyone notice how the webcam link on the coaster's page shows a cycle of different web cam shots? Why don't they just have multiple links so you can look at whichever one you want (see CP's web site).

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And I'm glad they used the 4-across trains rather than the Behemoth-style trains. Can't wait for next year!

They are using the Behemoth style trains. What made you think they weren't? Only the model has the 4 across seats, because CoasterDynamix doesn't make the newer train style (yet).

And I kind of like that the webcam is changing images. Lets us see different areas of the construction. And I would guess the reason they aren't multiple links is because this is all taken from the same camera, similar to how Holiday World's webcam is.

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Guest rcfreak339

Does anybody know how to add one of the buddy icons on to aim?

But it seems like this is going to be one of the best B&Ms yet...

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From the off ride video it almost looks as though the water brake is located in the rear of the train. Does this mean no one is gonna get wet?

I certainly hope that's what it means, I hate this latest trend, of rides outside of the water park getting you wet, if I wanna get wet i'll go to the water park, I love thrill rides, but I really don't wanna get my non swim clothes wet. I find that very annoying. However I know the Maverick is suppose to spray you but it's never gotten me wet, so I'm hopping it won't be an issue.

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I hope that model will be still up for viewing when I go on Saturday. I wanna see it, even if I've watched the animations and seen that the trains are a little left of stadium. I wanna see the model!


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well hold on... could this be a viewing area? render_Splashdown.jpg

It already is right now. It's a viewing area for the construction. :D Seriously though, I'm sure it will become a viewing area whether KK makes it one or not.

Are they going to keep the model of Diamondback up for the remainder of the season or was that just set up for today?

From what I heard today, the model will be moved to the display in the front of the park where the Halloween Haunt stuff is now. It's probably being moved as I write this. I wouldn't doubt that it would be up for the rest of the season.

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