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Fear Fest Dry Run 10/2


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Well I started off at

Circus of Horros in 3D:

It really wasn't much different than last year, but it was good, lots of laughs and little jumps, which seemed to be the theme of the night.

Wait time: None, first group of the night.

Than we took a stride over to the construction site and saw that alot of the land has been flattened, nothing really worth jumping for joy about. Anyways, we turned and walked into Coney Mall and looked at the scenery (pics should be here Monday) and went into the...

House of Darkness:

Some of the Maze of Madness people were walking around this area alot. Wow, this was pretty scary, it was pitch black, couldn't really tell what was going on alot of the time. Lots of little scares in there. It was good fun and worth the short wait.

Wait time: 10 minutes

We than went to...

Curse of the Mummy:

Same path really it seemed, but the good thing was they got alot of new people working, I won't give it away, but it ads to the house, it's definitely worth the wait.

Wait time: 15 minutes.

We went to Maze of Madness, a bulb broke so we went to Psycho Path and the line was an hour so we went back to the...


Now the worker's here are great, Mr. Smiley, Jesus, and the others. The maze needed the fog on to enhance it, but it will be great once they get it all running right. The worker's in there really love their job and they are good at it.

Wait time: 20 minutes of pure fun in the line!

Overall for dry run it was good, just hope they get everything working right for the actual start.

9/10 Great night.

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I'm too lazy to post my report in my own post...so yeah, Ill just add to yours...

we started out just roaming around and ended up in coney

House Of Darkness

this was my favorite I think, the parts in complete darkness were superb. Way better than last year imo We were one of the first groups, so there really wasn't a long wait... just 1 minute maybe...

Trail Of Terror

As far as Haunted Trails go, this one was good. I didnt get a chance to go through last year cause of the lines, but this year was amazing. We waited maybe 5 minutes. Its so hard to think about how long we waited cause we were having so much fun in the process.

Circus of Horrors

Eh... I jumped a couple times...but not a ton. It was like I was in a comic book. I don't think it was changed much from last year, except they took the glasses back this year...=( We waited maybe 10 minutes for this one.

Curse Of The Mummy

I didnt like this one at all. I only actually saw maybe 3 of the people that jumped out at us. They kept jumping out towards the very back of our group. Blah. We waited maybe 5 mins for it

Maze of Madness

Much more mazelike this time, we actually had to turn around a few times this year, that didn't happen to us last year. I enjoyed this one very much. We waited prolly 15 mins for it, but it was well worth the wait


Very Very Very nicely done this year. I was impressed, the houses all seemed better to me this year.


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My review is pretty much the same as jovian's, as we went together, and yeah. it was good. I'd love to go and ride the rides though, because they were running Drop Zone half empty last night (Saturday). It sucks that Employees only get two free tickets. Garbage. Ah well. I'd rather work anyway... 8 bucks an hour.

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As far as i know, if you're under 16, they limit you to ceartin departments. I know that the merch dept is one of the depts that Minor-Minors (15 yr olds) can work in. Even there, they can't go into the stockroom unless they're clocking in or out, and they also can't work ceartin hours. I'm a major (18 & ^) so technically there are no work limitations for me @ the park, i have to get offered a break every 5 hrs, and that's it.

Hang in there dude, it'll get better. :P

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Guest TombRaidersthebest

On the days of fear fest when fear fest isn’t going on and the regular park is running from 10-7 is it busy because I’m having my birthday party then.

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On 7/16/2020 at 1:48 PM, Nutterie said:

did you

I did not work at the park in 2003, but I worked in Rides in 2004 and 2005 and worked a lot of Fear Fest shifts.

I worked in Park Services in 2009-2011.  I also worked a lot of Halloween Haunt shifts.

Funny to see how much I've grown (or not) since 2002, thanks for bringing back this blast from the past.

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