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Kings Island Central Will Help You Drive Those Offseason Blues Away (Sold Out!), Diamondback Construction & More!

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I just got my tickets Dane did you get my paypal? I was having some problems with it. Please let me know :) Me and my girlfriend are going :)

Whats your name? or Email?

Sorry the name is Carsten and Mikaela and my email is ohiocoasterman19@yahoo.com

Did you get it?

Yes, I got it just fine.

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We are very close to selling out!

If you intend to pay by PayPal, please send it in ASAP.

If you intend to mail, please PM me a heads up. I sent a PM to all those who I have received their mail payment, if you did not get a PM, please PM me and say its on its way.


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Do you think all spots will be filled by next week? The earliest we can get our money in is next week.

I was gonna say, theres not even a 2 week gap ion there for ppl that get paid bi-weekly (for us poor just of ou college students who have $-4.03 in the bank :(....

this sucks my computer is broke and just got on today to find out it was sold out NOT FAIR.

... and for those of us stuck at home with parents still in the dial-up ages with firewalls so ancient that I can't even crack them... why only 75? :(

and i'm calling first dibs on anyone last minute that can't make it, I will sub for you! :D (and yes i will pay you back :P)

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