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The ironic thing is, the past couple of weeks I've seen two different positive stories about Sea World...

Story 1: SeaWorld helps rescue manatees: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/os-seaworld-helps-rescue-manatees-20150224-post.html

Story 2: SeaWorld Closes Sea Lion and Otter Show, Staff Helping Rescue Dozens of Stranded Sea Lions: http://fox40.com/2015/03/07/sea-world-closes-sea-lion-and-otter-show-staff-helping-rescue-dozens-of-stranded-sea-lions/

This is what SeaWorld should be known for - not Blackfish.

What kind of fishie show was it Kentucky Kingdom had last summer? Do you think it otter?

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SWT starting to move ahead with the animal habitat construction


Good news I guess. For me personally this raises more questions than answers like whether of not it be viewable to the public. Will ya be able view the BNDs at all outside the tours/interaction programs? :/ Personally viewing and interaction would be the best way to do this attraction. It gives SWT a real opportunity to have nice exhibits and interaction areas which is something they been lacking at that park.

Also IMO a part of me thinks the Texas park could benefit from a new high thrill flat too rather than a coaster cause they already got a fair amount of those.

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Hargrove...correction he only worked 12 years as a trainer (combined with his brief time at Marineland) 10 of which were actually with the orcas. The Amazon description is wrong. He was another rule breaker. Unlike some of the other trainer, Hargrove did leave on his own but that was after SW booted him from Shamu and made him go somewhere else, basically he left cause he didn't give a flip about the other animals and only wanted to work with the whales. He's bit of a whiner.

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