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PTR 2002


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Ok.....I'm a bit late with this...LOL

I talk a lot about the old campgrounds, and I found pictures of our last trip.

Just thought I'd share them, there are a few people out there that probably doesn't even know that KI even had a camp.


Starting the day by the fountains


My worst trick EVER as a dad. She wouldn't ride anything. So I put her on Adventure Express, and told her it was just a choo-choo train. She forgives me now....


The biggest coaster they could handle at the time. It USED to be called Crazy Taxi.


She couldn't wait to ride the Ghoster Coaster though. Anybody understand kids???


Thank goodness it was water, and not real slime.


LOL My little princess


Momma has always wanted to go to Paris. No KI trip is complete without 50 pictures of the tower.


Hanging out at camp.


Not a huge amount of space, but we didn't spend a huge amount of time there.


This probably about where the GWL is now.


Kids clowning with balloons in the background. That road behind them is where the tram would stop at each campsite, pick you up, and take you right to the front gate. It also dropped you off at each site too.


A light lunch, then back to the park!!




My Brother Art, Rocky, and Cocoa

Thats what I remember of the campgrounds. If anyone else has more pictures of it, please post. I do miss camping there.

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no fishing lake that I can remember. Sense it has closed though, we stay at the Kings Island Confrence Center hotel....or something like that. It has a fishing lake, 2 resturaunts, a game room, indoor pool, outdoor pool, shuffle board, basketball, pretty much anything you think of. They only bad part is, they are not an "official" park of KI anymore, so they have to drop out by the street. You end up closer to 71, than you are to the gate!!!! LOL

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Please forgive the poor quality of these photos…this was before I went digital. I just happened to have these on my computer from a slide show I made for my Nephews years ago. These were taken on the last year that the campground was open. (Please also forgive the stupid comments on them.)











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What did you do with your two dogs while at the park? Did you board them at our kennel at Kings Island? If so, I might had served you at the kennel. I worked there in the mid 90's and still work there. But now we charge $15/per cage.

The dog belong to my brother, and they are very well behaved.

He just locked them up in the camper.

if I tried that with my dog, he would chew up everything inside!!!

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To both Tom and Standbyme: Thank you for sharing these photographs. These are awesome, especially for someone who had never been to the campground and never really saw what it was like, a nice look into what used to be there and into both of your family traditions. Really enjoy this.

You're welcome.

I love the chance to talk about the campground.

I have to ask this.....don't flame me!!! LOL

I have heard all the arguments over what coaster influenced the building of The Beast, but the guy that drove the tram to and from the park told us something else.

He said that the name and logo for The Beast was taken from a Coney Coaster called the Teddy Bear. He said the park owners wanted to "toughen up" the name and logo, and The Beast is what they ended up with.

I've never mentioned that here before, just because all of the arguments these types of statements make. But I've wondered long enough if anyone else has ever heard that?

I would normally chalk it up to a "dippin Dots" kind of guy, but this guy did correctly tell me that King Cobra was on it's way out, so maybe he was a bit more "plugged in" than some of the others.

He also said that the trams they used (The blue ones) that also used to get people around the parking lots, were purchased from Coney in the 60's

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It's still there...same coaster, now known as Little Bill's Giggle Coaster...in that picture it was Top Cat's Taxi Jam, and before that it was Scooby Zoom. And I rode it as an adult and more than 80 pounds ago (in the wrong direction...poundwise, I might add). Somewhere there is a rather infamous picture of me riding that thing with a long beloved, now dearly departed ACE member in the front seat. The ride op let both of us ride, during the day, on the express condition that both of us fit in the front seat. I think it is a more fair statement that I fit on the seat, but not in it!

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In 2004 I worked at Top Gun and it was often tradition to yell to the campground via the lift PA system in the morning upon opening. I did it many times.

First the warning siren then a hearty "HELLOOOO CAMPGROUND! TIME TO WAKE UP! TIME TO COME TO AND RIDE THE RIDES AND HAVE SOME FUN AT PARAMOUNTS Kings Island... etc. etc. etc." I can honestly say that on 3 separate occasions someone actually came to the ride and told me that they heard our message in the morning on the days that it was actually me doing it. It happened often that someone would comment on the announcement but 3 times the person told me they heard the message when it had been me delivering it. Ahhhhh, good times :).

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Thanks for all the campground pictures! I never stayed there myself, but had plenty of opportunity to go over there in an official capacity while working at the park. We stayed at Carowind's campground in 1995, and that was very nice as well. It was great waking up next to the park.

DeLorean, I love that story. I never knew of that tradition, but that's hilarious!

Giga, if I can fit on LBGC, you definitely can. I got to ride that plenty last year (7 times, my 3rd most ridden ride last year, behind SD&THC - 11 times and Nick-O-Round - 8 times...Beast was 4th with 6 rides). It's a fun little ride, really whips you around.

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