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Job Fairs and New/Re Employees


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Ok The Parks opening day is April the 12th, so I f you want a job, and I know you do you ought to go go go and get out to one of these awesome job fairs, Some of you might have seen my group saturday at festhaus, we had a little cheering section....... I believe there iare two more JF planned so jmp on the bandwagon....... See me in HB or NC somtime Ill be the one with the big head...... :rolleyes:

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I can't really remember what you go through at oriantation, because its been 4 years. But i do remember the Fish video, it was abouta group or workers that works at a fish store, and it just showed how they worked as a team, and all that stuff. You will probably also go through park policies and such.

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Yea, you go through the park employee guide and they tell you about the policies and everything. Tell you what you can and can't do when you are an employee. They give you info on wardrobe and then your Dept. will get in contact with you about training and your schedule.

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Ok here's how it goes if I remember it right:

1. You get shoved into a room and they check out your ID stuff (Make sure you have all of them)

2. PKIU assoicates introduce themselves and all that.

3. They show you all the other Paramount Park names.

4. Polices through a PowerPoint Presentation

5. The dreaded FISH video (thank god I don't remember it. :P )

6. Then you get your ID if everything is in.

After that, it's all departmental from there. Good luck. :ph34r:


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