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favorite ride at the park


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This has been done many times before but these are my favorites.

Past Rides

1:King Cobra

2:Kenton Cove Keelboat Canal

3:7th Portal

Roller Coasters

1:Son of Beast



Flat Rides

1:Drop Zone


3:Tomb Raider : The Ride

Kiddie Rides


2:Top Cat's Taxi Jam

3:Rugrat's Runaway Reptar

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Past ride: King Cobra

Major Flat Ride: Tomb Raider

Small Flat ride: Flying Eagles

Coaster: Beast

Water Ride: KCKC (defunct), WT:RA

Pay Ride: Days of Thunder

Kid Ride: Scooby Haunted Castle

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Past Ride: King Cobra

Major Flat: TR:TR

Small Flat: Eagles

Steel Coaster: FOF

Wooden Coaster: SOB (Used to be The Beast but not anymore because of the new brakes)

Water Ride: KCKC (Defunct)

Payride: Slingshot

Kiddie Ride: SDATHC (Since I never ride any other kiddie rides anymore)

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Family Ride: Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle

Kiddie ride: Runaway Reptar

wood Coaster: Daytime - Son of Beast - night time - The Beast.

Steel Coaster: Vortex

Big Flat Ride: Delirium

Past Ride: King Cobra


Small Flat Ride:Flying Eagles

Old Water Ride: KCKC

Existing Water Ride: WWC

Man thats a list!

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Question Dane what was cinama 180?

Ok What is Cinama 180?

Do you know the one tan dome looking building that is behind the Voretex and in front of the Action FX Theater? I think it currently housed the Lazer tag thingy-mo-bob. Well the interior of Cinama 180 was all a big screen at least 180 persent of it. It had projectors on projectiong on them.

Well one of the movies was this one where a cat drove a car away from police. At the car turned the screen would move side to side. It gave the feeling that the floor was moving! biggrin.gif

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