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Kansas City Royals @ St.Louis Cardinals PTR

Guest rcfreak339

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Guest rcfreak339

On Sunday the day after I went to Six Flags I decided to head out to Bush Stadium to watch the Cradinals play the in state rival Kansas City Royals, There I was with my Reds shirt, camera and a couple of friends. On to the photos!


First glimpse of the new ballpark. I love the look of the brick walls around the park. I liked that a whole lot better then the steel at Great American Ballpark.


I didn't like the concourses much though, there were cramped, hard to navagate and just really didn't look good. Now the steel concourses at Great American Ball Park look a million times better.


I decided to step behind home plate and take a couple shots, I heard they designed Bush to make the arch be directly behind center field to make the view look amazing.


The Arch


The stadium was huge and really was awesome!


View of home from our seats.



Out field and the 2 video boards, The one on the left is the main board with stats, clips, ect....while the left board showed other scores from around MLB. I liked that the show the scores on a big video board in the out field then the small video board in the left field fence used at Great American Ball Park.



Mr.Six through out the first pitch, you could tell that Six Flags St.Louis advertised a lot during the game. They asked fans what there favorite thing to do there was and showed it on the video board, they also had a poll were you could text your answer to which ride was better Screamin Eagle or the Log Flume. The Log Flume won 49% to 51%


Main Video Screen


Other scores



I leave you with one last shot of the Arch, Thanks for reading!

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I have been to that stadium. I have to say that I like it a lot, and I have been to many ballparks. Coors, Fenway, Wrigley, US Cellular, Great American, Riverfront, Three Rivers, PNC, just to name a few. Not to mention the rest of the city. Did you go up in the arch? I loved that.

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I've only been to three MLB venues: Riverfront Stadium (Cinergy Field), Wrigley Field, and GABP.

I know people who have personally been to Busch Stadium and say it's a very nice ballpark.

I also like how there are color video boards similar to what the Reds are doing this year.

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Great pictures! The concourse looks rough. But I love how they display their World Championship years compared to how the Reds hide them away in the left field corner.

Nice pictures I had to get to that ball park one day. The Reds don't really have alot to show off the World Champisonships.

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