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SOB has new lapbars


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What I heard maybe by the weekend.

Heres what Shaggy has to say over from Coasterbuzz

The addition of lap-bars with "flat sides" to SOB is a reality. It is the same thing that HW and SFSTL did with the lap bars on Boss and Legend's G-trains (when Legend still had one.) In order to minimize side-to side leg banging, new lap bars were installed on those trains that used flat steel on the sides rather than rounded steel. Also, the flat sides had a thick foam "pad" added for side-to-side leg cushoning.

From what I understand, the new lap-bars on Sonny will have flat sides with foam padding, along with a less cumbersome lap pad unit.

However, contrary to urban legend, the lap bars are not being altered into "t" bars ala an Intamin train. To further explain, the new restraints will not have a single bar extending between the legs.

Because of TUV and various other insurance and safety standards that PKI uses, they will utilize a lap-bar restraint system on a looping coaster only if the restraint completely surrounds both legs. That is pretty much standard practice when it comes to coasters with inversions that operate with lap-bar restraints.

I am most curious to see what PKI does with the floor of the SOB trains. IMO, that is where the problem with comfort lies. I did experience some side-to-side leg banging, but nothing that warranted a massive restraint re-design IMO. The larger problem at hand is the uncomfortable positioning of one's feet. The floors had wooden "blocks" added under the rubber matting a season or two ago in attempt to limit the movement of the lower portion of the rider's bodies. But most importantly, they were added to keep riders seated in a perfect "Z" position.

The ideal riding position, according to many ride manufacturers, safety instectors and insurance groups is the "Z" position. This situates a rider so that their knees are raised higher than their butts. The desired effect is restricting the movement of the rider, while stabilizing their backs, spine, legs and feet.

To furthur ensure the "Z" position on SOB, last year PKI installed additional padding to the front edge of the seats on SOB. That is why you feel like you are sitting into a hole when you first climb in. Because the front of the seat is much higher than the back. It is not uncommon. Most modern day steel coaster trains all utilize this.... B&M, Vekoma, even Intamin all create seats that seat riders in that shape. The difference is, the seats by those manufacturers were originally designed in that manner so that they slant backwards. SOB has been a piece-meal attempt at achieving something Premier should have been smart enough to think about when designing the trains.

Dont be mad at me shaggy biggrin.gif

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How are the new SOB lapbars compared to FOF's lap bars? I can fit into FOF but I dont know about SOB. I havent rode it yet because for one I've heard it's too rough, and two I dont want to wait in line just to find out I'm too big and there is no room!

Someone please help me out. Thanks

-Nate unsure.gif

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