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Is recaR open?

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I went to PKI on June 5. Tomb Raider was down due to some sort of maintenance being done, although I did see it open around 8 o`clock at night. The backwards Racer was down that day because it was a limited operation day so the rides department was short staffed. I believe that if you go on the 11th of June, both rides should be open, barring any mechanical problems.

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Tanner the time travel thing is my thing my lawyers are on there way. tongue.gif

The parks open full time so Racer backwards should be open barrring a breakdown.

Sorry I had to, no one knows if the rides will be open until they test them.

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Yeah, this forum should be closed...

No employee in the forum can say wheather or not a ride will be opened on a certain day. There is always a stipulation that rides may not be opened on time or at all during operating hours... it's posted at the front gate and is in the small print on the ticket and it's in the map. There are many reason why a ride would be closed, but no one knows that till 10am on any given day...

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