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I feel Its a bit more than 1 sided.

It might cost a little more than staying in a hotel off-site, but watching a fabulous sunset from a deck within literal spitting dis tance of a Great Lake sure made for a relaxing break from putting our lives at risk on rides that soar over 400 feet at speeds of more than 100 mph.

Light house point is VERY VERY expensive. 2003 Lighthouse Point Cottages and Cabins Price Range: $135 - $245 Cheeper than off-site my arse.

The folks at Cedar Point are still figuring out how to most ef ficiently operate the roaring Dragster, and waits can last up to three hours. When, that is, the new coaster is actually running.

It blew a hydraulic valve June 4, and mechanics have been work ing frantically to fix the coaster. As of noon yesterday, the repair had not been made

Aint that about a b*tch Its been how many days now? over 10 and still not fixed. You would think they would have a extra on hand.

Much of the park's expanse is almost completely paved over, especially the Paramount Action Zone, and its employees don't have that extra helping of friend liness you find at Cedar Point.

From what I heard CP's ops are getting as bad as SF also PKI has alot of shaded areas. CP is just the same. They tore out tons of trees for TTD.

I was less impressed with last year's big ride, Tomb Raider, which is essentially about being turned upside down in the dark and having steam shot into your face.

Did the guy pay any attention to the massive themeing job they did on this ride? its more than a spin and spew in a box. I don't see any rides like this a CP.

And none of us, including Par ker, particularly cared for the new Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Castle, a black-light af fair.

Did he pay any attention to the themeing once again? The whole ride is a lot more than blacklights. Maybe having a 22 Month old kid on it would be a reason.

She also was allowed on an other, far bigger and faster coaster. Unfortunately, the Beas tie's 38-foot height and 35 mph speed were a little too much for her. She didn't cry (brave kid), but she didn't want to get back on, either

Why would u take a kid thats not even 2 on beastie tell me please?

Little kids will like the them ing at Kings Island, and teenag ers will go for the multitude of thrills at Cedar Point. Cedar Point's premium steel coasters are matched by Kings Island's fantastic array of wooden ones

Last time I checked we had some pretty good steel rides also. I dont see anything about SB3D in there or wild thronberrys river adventure or Reptar?

Nothing about a ride thats wonderful like the Flying eagles (which CP doesnt have). Or how you can actually ride more than 3 rides during your day at PKI.

Nothing about the abismal waits at CP. 3 and 4 hours for some rides. 2 and 3 for rides like mean squeek.

Hes from cleveland and he wouldn't put over the PKI cause his home park is CP.

I really like the balanced water park artical that was in the paper about 2 years ago. Thats a way to write a artical.

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1. The employees at CP were rude to me. I think I only saw one courtious employee there.

2. CP is shaded, but not nearly as much as Rivertown.

3. Their new rides are very uncreative.

4. PKI totally owns CP (seriously, lets just buy CP and take the good rides *coughCHAOScough* and leave the rest to become scrap metal.)

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Nothing about the abismal waits at CP. 3 and 4 hours for some rides. 2 and 3 for rides like mean squeek. 

The only ride that you will wait 3 to 4 hours for will be TTD. Other than than that the longest wait will be 2 hours on a Sat. afternoon for MF. Cedar Point has received the Golden Ticket award 3 years in a row for wait times. There was nothing written about the "abismal waits" because there are none.

The article was extremly well written, and very opened minded. Everything mentioned is the exact truth, though hard to swallow for most PKI entusiasts. This feeling is understanable since PKI is your hometown park. I go to both PKI and CP about 5 times each a year and I do agree with his views. Don't be insulted or upset with his article; it was his honest opinion.

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He is right PKI is nothing compared to Cedar Point i was there mon-wen this week and the park does have better rides. PKI although has much better theming but thats it. The Park Hasn't built a major steel coaster since FOF. I'm not counting face off as a major ride. the part neads to add Some New technology. I think the atmosphere is better but CP has the rides. I have a season pass to both and the park is worth the 5 hour drive.

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True PKI hasn't added a major steel since Face/Off( it is major because it's the only face to face inverted in the midwest and one of only two in the world as far as I know), but, PKI has better rides and themeing period. Just look at its attendance and you'll see that PKI's attendace rate is far higher than CP's.

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