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Family Sues Kings Island


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uhhhh... what an idiot... how is it KI's fault that he went near his car in an electrical storm? Could have happened anywhere....

gg.. people these days will sue for anything.

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This one will be laughed out of court.

The park has a safety system in place once theres bad weather within 10 miles (i think) the park will start telling people to seek shelter. Rides are shut down and people scatter (mostly to either festhaus or front entrance)

Why was this filed in hamilton county when the park is in warren county and they family was from out of state as well. Seems odd.

Safety is not common sense.

Yeah Really 70% of people check there brains at the gate these guys forgot to stop and PICK IT UP ON THERE WAY TO A PARKING LOT WHERES THERSES NOT MANY HIGH THINGS AND LOTS OF METAL!

The park has a weather station and have managers watching the radar! If these idiots didn't hear it then thats there problem the park blasts its all over the park

"If you are a multimillion-dollar business, wouldn't you (pay for such a service)?" Ebner asked. "I'm just not mentioning that (the park earns millions) for the concept of deep pockets for the suit."

Instead, Ebner insists, the big bucks the park rakes in should make it able to afford steps to better protect its patrons.


has this guy done any reasearch. I hope Paramount's legal team eats this guy alive.

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