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boas, & wigs, & injuries, OH MY!


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I started my day off with only five hours of sleep. I got up and started putting on my attire for the SUPER SECRET BIRTHDAY MEET-UP. After 15 min. of fighting with the wig to get it on, I was out the door. I stopped by work to fill-up and freaked out the third shift guy {who works when im off}. Afterwards I called kiruler to give him his wake-up call. He's really not that far from the OH/KY line.

After picking him up we were playing "do you know that tune?" on each others mp3 players. We got to the gate and were car #2 there. I showed him where my parking spot was. We walked to the front cause we thought vkat would be up there waiting. Once vkat got there, we hung out till gates opened. Then we made our way to db, while passing 74gabe. We went on db several x's {me just crossing over}.

I hate using real names, but I can't remember what Keith's call name is. But any who we got him to ride with us. He mentioned that gatorhead saw me and stated "that has to be a kic'er". After a while im like ill just wait at the exit till ert is over. I saw paperg getting off of the ride. When ert was over, we went to The Beast. I forgot to take my cruise off and bumped into vkat while que-in.

Once again I did a cross over and waited. When they came back, we found out kiruler got beast-itis and took him to first aid. While there I noticed that there is a trend of injuries going around kic'ers. First with kittenpooh, then vkat told me of {I believe she said} htco, then me, & now kiruler. So I stated who is next on this list? After first aid visit Keith split in his own direction. So the three of us went to flight deck. While in line we talked about sneaking me on the ride.

So I had kiruler stuff my boa in his bag. A little bit was sticking out so I said "hey, it looks like you stuffed a green chicken/feathered snake in the bag {thus us dubbing it "the green chicken"}. The ride op let me ride, and he said he liked my hair. Vkat had the best view, because to her left kiruler pulled out the green chicken and it was flapping in the wind, and in front of her are me with the wig on and its flapping in the wind.

Once off we hung around the entrance to the nameless ride that doesn't exist, & waited for specialk, Justin m_17, and stalkerchick to show. THey show up shortly followed by Gabe, then sobtom. We went to DT while I filmed there ride. Right as they get on kjkjkj & b-day girl Ashers show up. So we all went around to skyflyer, to decide what we were going to do next. Vkat, kiruler, & Gabe went to eat while the rest went to flight deck again.

Afterwards we decided to get water at ice scream zone. I get in line to get water, and when I turn around after the water they where gone. So I called Justin m_17 to discover that they are down by Coke oasis. So off I go to meet back up with them and I almost passed them {if it weren't for sobtom}.

Then we went towards jbd to say hi to a kic'er who was working. We waited for kiruler to show back up, the big silly got off db, went towards the tower to come meet us at jbd. We then rode Vortex, saw some line jumpers at the area where the stairs meet the fence. When granny was having difficulty jumping over the fence we went around them, & there yung'en shouted "WELL THAT'S JUST RUDE!!!" I mean come on wtf were they doing?

There was no way we could have all gotten on one train so we took turns waiting, while I did a cross over. First to come off was kiruler, & Justin m_17, which @ that point Justin m_17 stated "im going solo." then came ashers and stalkerchick {there on-ride photo was epic}, followed by the rest of the group. Somehow vkat met back up with us. So we all went to get our possibly last kic group photo, and Scooby ride {I still think we should have got Scooby to look like he was chasing the van}.

The scoring was messed up, my first point was 1, not 10 or 100, it was 1!!! Someone scored a 1349, I think it was stalker. I got my answer; it was gabe with a beesting. So once again to first aid we went {@ least there getting less severe.}. Then vkat disappeared from the group. We then went to get some water at larosas on international street. while chillin, this kid runs up to stalkerchick. it took me a few seconds, but when i saw the white hat; i realized it was peanut. stalker pointed out to peanut who was working haunt {starting with me}. We went to racer, while I waited at exit for red side. Out of the blue this lady comes up to me and said that the ride op on the other side wanted to know if that was my real hair. I told her no.

Then we went and hit up db before we left for the other half. More to come in the next post I put on here.

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rotag - I did see you while waiting for DB to come into the station. I was wearing my KIC shirt with my user name on the back, so Keith (I want to say KIFan1980 is his user name) introduced himself to me, and I made the comment that you had to be a KIC'er. He of course knew who you were. When our train was pulling into the station, I saw you, kiruler and violakat and waved. I would have joined you all, but I was there with my family (it was my sister and uncle's only visit for the year and they had a lot they wanted to do). But we got DB, Beast, FH & FoF in all in an hour, so it was good!

Violakat was nice enough to text me when you all were at DT and that kjkjkj and Ashers were coming soon, but we were doing the KI Alumni Reunion's Beast walkback at the time. It would have been nice to join you all for a little bit, but we had so much going on that day. It sounds like you all had fun!

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Now on with the show. After leaving we decided to meet at the gas station down the street. I pull in and was going to back up, then ashers pulls right next to me, so ok. Kjkjkj bolts for the inside, & kiruler goes “im going in to get me two bawls.” while waiting on them, stalker, m_17, & specialk show up; shortly followed by sobtom. Once we all get situated, we drove down to field’s erttle for some skyline.

I went to back into this spot when I hear kiruler say “WATCH OUT!!!”, this car comes flying in out of nowhere and just about clips my rear end. So we went on in and sat down. We all get to talking to one another and just having a big ol’ time. Our meals came and ill have to say, that’s the first time I have had chili that’s got cinnamon in it. Not exactly sure that I like that. I pawned it off to stalker and forgot that I added hot sauce to it. No one was charged for that bowl.

So we all leave to go to park two of the four cars. As we leave I and kiruler get to talking about everyone age when I mention that stalkers is 25, & ashers is like 22 {I think}. I tell him my age is in-between the two and he says 18, I lol on that one. Then we get stuck in slow traffic, where we start waving at everyone. Then when it became stop-n-go traffic, every time I would go to tap the brake we would shout “TRIM BRAKE!!!”

We finally get there in the ghetto part of town that is really hill. Switch the cars and pick up the person that we parked the cars at. Then it was off to the WEBN fireworks spectacular. We parked in this garage, walked past another. Then went by a hustler store, followed by where the Bengal’s play. Then once on riverfront we walked down to a spot in-between big ol’ @$$ bridge & the ballpark where the reds play.

Half the group had to go potty so the other half stayed put. We thought they got lost, because it took them forever to get back. They said they had to walk a country mile cause the port-o-potty’s were filled to the brim {I guess you could say they were full of ____!!!}. The show started & it was good. Man the joy of walking back to the cars. But on the bright side we found a pop machine with $0.50 cans {SSSCCCOOORRREEE!!!}.

We took everyone back to there cars and socialized for a while. Then everyone went there ways, I went to take kiruler home and got stuck in traffic on the bridge due to a wreck. The wobbling of the bridge freaked me out. Got him home safely, then I went home. I missed my turn for 74 off of 71 so I had to get to where I new I would be, witch was north side of cinci 275.

Stopped off at Harrison for white castle combo #5 and a smiley cookie, with some gas {for my car}. The drive home was epic, I kept running into patches of dense fog. There was rain off and on, I had my nox arcane-carnival of lost soul’s album playing. On the song nightmare parade, there would be lightning flashing in the fog at just the right beat for it.

I get home and my mother who is pending the night with me, tells me to clean out Fred the turtle’s tank. By this time im exhausted and just want my bed, but in my mother’s defense, his tank was stinky, and the filter needed a good cleaning. I finally get to bed and sleep five hours before getting up and going to strickers. More details to come in my next posting…

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Yes... Tracy would be me...

It was indeed a great day... Skyline was another first for me. I found it quite interesting. I will seriously consider giving it another go because those Chilito things were pretty great.

As far as rides go I was thrilled to hit Flight Deck because I haven't rode that in a few trips. I found DT to be more freaky the second time. Diamondback was great as usual and somewhat fills the void but, I really am started to have SoB withdraws.

This all concluded with WEBN fireworks... WOW I even made it home awake...

p.s. Nice to finally meet you Rotag...

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And now the final performance…

I get to strickers, and I am the third car on the lot. Thru-out the day I made numerous attempts to talk to people that I was under the assumption that they were coming after there ki ert. But never could get to talk to anyone but kiruler, Justin m_17, & stalkerchick via m_17’s phone. I don’t remember everything I rode in a specific order, but I rode all except for the three kiddy rides under the canopy. Yes me, m_17, & stalker rode the turtle’s and whip. Now come one you guys, the turtles rock {plus how many coasters you know of that has 16 hills (2hills x 8 cycles)}. Stalker told me it was a coaster credit.

I was snapping the scooters every time I rode. I couldn’t get the helli’s or elephants to go up. I kept slipping all day do to crocs on wet concrete/platforms. I & m_17 managed to talk stalker in on tip top. I rode with stalker, as I can’t really spin that well.

We did get it going when ride came to an end, I kept watching stalker slide back and fourth across the seat. Now comes the downer, m_17’s phone slid out of his pocket on tip top. I used my phone and called it like 40x’s before a teenage girl answered the phone. I kid you not the first words out of her mouth was “why do you keep calling me?” uuhh DDUUHH, it’s not your phone. She even stated that she found it on tip top.

Then I asked where she was so we could get the phone back, she went silent and then hung up when I said because my friend really needs his phone back. After that they TURNED THE PHONE OFF!!! We think we found the culprits, cause this group {im not playing the race card here} of African American kids where acting over the top suspicious.

The girls kept leaning in and whispering to one another and one of the boys stuck his hand in his pocket like he was touching the phone’s end call button, but tried to play it off like he was trying to keep his pants up. We kept going up and down the midway and every time we passed them, they would go in the other direction. The cop wasn’t much help, and then we saw them go to the skee ball/first aid/lost & found room.

We thought great they turned it in. so we checked and found out our thinking was wrong. Then when I and stalker went to the bathroom, m_17 said that he saw them leave the park. We tried to cheer ourselves up, but couldn’t get m_17 to join us for one last ride on scooters, teddy, & tornado. Then we all went home.

You know I would have expected something like this from ki, but not strickers. Man talk about a buzzkill to an awesome weekend.

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Rotag great TR. Sounds like with the exception of a few things you all had a great time which is good to hear.

Thanks to all of you that stopped by Jukebox to say Hi to me. Sorry that I wasn't able to talk to you and sorry if you thought I was ignoring you. We were getting killed with shake orders Sunday as we were just understaffed and I was the only person able to make shakes while Hannah I believe was on register.

Also if there is anybody on here that ordered a shake from Jukebox Diner on Sunday that waited a long period of time to get it, I again want to apologize for that. I tried the best I could to stay on track and get the shakes out as fast as possible but it was nearly impossible to get the shake orders out within 5 minutes which is what I normally make my max time for the customer to get the shake from time of order.

Anytime any of you go to the park, don't be afraid to stop in and say Hi again, hopefully next time we wont be nearly as busy as we were Sunday. Also Happy Birthday Ashley. I realize I'm late but its better late than never. :)

Again great TR Rotag. Glad you all had a great time everywhere you went and thanks for stopping by Jukebox, it was nice to see all of you.

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Sorry it took me so long to post, Jared. Rachel was monopolizing my computer and she just now left (I've had to put up with her since 10AM on Sunday...FML. LOL)

But yeah, I definitely had a great time :D And I was totally jealous of your wig. I need to get one of those... :) I'll be working on a TR myself here in a little bit. I usually don't bother with them anymore but we had so much fun that it would be an insult to a completely epic weekend NOT to post one. But everyone knows how detailed/long my trip reports are, even just for one day. This one will be for three, so expect a REALLY long one :D

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thats why i spaced mine out like i did, plus it leaves the masses wanting more.

The only problem is that people post before you get all of the "sections" (Lack of a better word) posted. That's why I type my TRs in Microsoft Word, and then copy and paste them on here, that way if I need to use more than one post there's only a couple seconds between my first and second posts, so nobody will interrupt them :D

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sorry my bad, i just realized that my subtopic needs changed. the 8 should be a 9.

how do i change that?

Edit your first post in this thread. It will give you the opportunity to change the topic title!

thank you terp, i just now read yours, somehow i overlooked it. my eyes are playin games with my head today :rolleyes::wacko::blink::P

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Rotag - as usual, a great TR - The way you tell a story is awesome! and XGatorHead is correct, KIfan1980 is me (Keith).

I enjoyed riding/hanging with y'all for a while on Sunday morning and would have liked to have stayed around longer, but had to meet up with the family at BB, where we had an awesome afternoon. I then brought the boys back to the dry park after dinner, and ended the evening with the KI Fireworks show and two very tired kids (can't quite imagine taking them down to the river just yet!)

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It was also the trip where i got my first ride on DT..during RWW, I promised Kat i'd go on it, then chickened out at teh last minute, so I had to make good on my promise! :) I was also the unfortunate one to get the bee sting..it was in the line for sdathc..the trash can was overflowing..usually teh park does a good job with trash but this particular one was attracting bees and other flying insects..anyway, it was a low throbbing pain, but im not allergic to bee stings, so i went on the ride, then stalker and kat took on the joint role of my mother and made me walk over to first aid, where i was in and out in 2 mins..they gave me some wet nap thing that alleviated the pain and some ice to reduce the swelling and i was out the door..my first visit to first aid in all my years of going to the park!

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