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Worst Coaster you have ridden


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Since we seem to have a bunch of Best Coaster polls, how bout one for the worst coaster you have ridden.

I will start by nominating the following

Hurler at Kings Dominion

Georgia Cyclone at SFOG

Great American Scream Machine at SFOG

These were all more painful then SOB IMO and were one and done rides.

So what coaster have you ridden and wish you didn't?

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Hmm... what coaster I wish I didn't ride...

I was at this carnival with my friend and we wanted to hop on one of those little coasters, like the ones smaller than LBGC. That ride was like five minutes long at least. It was so annoying. I was actually tempted to rip the lap bar off and hop out. :blink:

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Gemini at Cedar Point (please do not get angry, I have a very good reason).

A little over 5 years ago, I was in a car accident where the same airbag that broke the windshield hit me in the neck so hard that I now have slight nerve damage on the right side of my neck. Gemini's sudden helix, on both sides, caused my neck to make a nasty snap noise and caused a bolt of pain in my neck for several minutes that was the same pain I felt in the car accident. I have flat out refused to ride Gemini ever since.

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With no disrespect meant to any fans out there, I'd have to say Coney Island Cincy's Pepsi Python. I know that that many trims are inevitable on a ride like that, but it was frustrating as heck to hit brakes around very nearly every turn. And what made it more frustrating was that I'd actually fear for my safety without them there, on top of the already frighteningly forceful first drop that makes it seem like you're bound to smack your head into anything at its bottom, including the supports of the lift hill overhead. So it's like... you're forced to deal with trims around every turn that don't feel like they're trimming any hazards off the riders anyway, or at least on the first drop and the quick drop before the turn back into the station. Toss on the annoying anti-rollbacks scattered through the layout, and I wasn't really quick to jump on for a re-ride.

It's not like I totally hate the ride. It's merely just one of those rides that was okay but not good enough to beat out anything I'd been on before. Coney Island is one of the most charming parks I've been to; it's got a fair-like feel without the irritating, loud drunks and teenage couples making out everywhere of the local county fair. Their coaster just didn't tickle my fancy. Everything else was fantastic, and the park was spotless without having 2.5 trillion trashcans per square mile.

And gigacoaster2k, as much of a Gemini fan as I am, I certainly can't blame you for not riding it after that. I know I'd be freaked out in your place.

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I haven't rode a coaster I dislike yet, but if I had to pick one, among those rides I can remember, I would have to pick...hmm, tough call between Flight Deck and Vortex, both at KI. Yet I would easily give both a 8/10.

I have, however, only ridden about 10 coasters total...so...yeah, perhaps that explains why I haven't found one I dislike just yet! ;)

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Son of Beast. I cannot think of a single redeeming quality about it.

Decent front seat rides with super high speeds?

Just a suggestion...there are plenty of crazy rough coasters out there that hit all the "low marks" for roller coasters:

"Hi, I'm freakishly rough, slow, and boring!" (McSalsa heads off to get TNT and Rockets...)

At least SOB isn't slow...unless someone considers 78mph slow...

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