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Haunt Attendance Roll Call 1st Night


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Definitely going this year especially after hearing about the crowds on opening night.

Jason B Opening night will not be crowded at all. I haven't been to Haunt on Opening Night but have heard many people say that the park was dead and everything was pretty much walk on and it seems like that will happen again this year

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I will not be going on opening night due to my school having a home football game. I won't be missing it. It should be interesting since we are playing the team with the number two player in the nation.

I am supposed to be going on either Saturday or Sunday during the day to renew passes and ride a little. If we go Saturday, I will stay into the night a little bit too. I know Saturdays are crowded, but how crowded is the first Saturday usually?

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I'll be there opening night with my fiancee, sister and brother-in-law doing the RIP tour, and hopefully have a report finished on it before the weekend is out.

I'm really excited because we are Halloween fanatics and the Haunt is one of our favorite things to do in the world! There are some haunts that I've never been through, like CarnEvil and Club Blood that I'm curious to see. I might even go back through Tombstone Terror-tory. Might.

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I'll be there in character in my attraction acting like a drunk moron :)

thats different from normal how? O:) hahaha kidding! I'll be running around the entrance to Urgent Scare. Can't wait to scare Peanut ;)

The girls said "Bring it on" :_

oh it'll be brought!! You guys planning on hitting it earlier or later? ;)

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