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So, I noticed an interesting KI shirt...


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When I saw the topic title, I instantly thought of some shorts I saw at CP this year. They were really short shorts for girls, and they had writing on the backside. I saw three different pairs, but I can only remember two of them saying the following:

1. "Wild Ride"

2. "Get in Line"

The third one was equally as provocative. Personally I thought it was hilarious. But that's probably because I don't have a daughter, haha. I would be ROYALLY ticked off if I had a daughter wearing shorts that said "get in line."

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I think one of the shirts I have (and love) is rather on the obscene side, but I busted out laughing when I saw it in the gift shop and had to have it. On the back it says "I'd rather ride a woodie."

As for other interesting shirts, one that I first spotted at KI and have since seen at several other Cedar Fair and Six Flags parks says "Natural High" and shows a silhouette of Magnum. It just really bugs me to have a shirt with a coaster from a different park on it. There's also one that has random coaster terms on it like barrel roll, vertical loop, etc and has 'stratacoaster' as one of the terms. That bugs me too as there is only one stratacoaster in Cedar Fair parks and therefore it should not be on shirts at all their parks. I saw that shirt at KI, Michigan's Adventure and Kings Dominion.

*steps off soapbox*

Posted from my BlackBerry mobile device.

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One of the best shirts I have seen are the ones that say Bad (Donkey) Ride on them. I have always wanted to get one of those but just never took the time to get one. I do remember seeing those shorts you speak of at Cedar Point this year, highly provocative if you ask me.

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