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Your total Park Visits for 2009


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Well, I ended up with 33 at Kings Island. Also made 1 day visits to Carowinds and Dollywood, and two days at Cedar Point.

I have no idea how many times I was at Coney this summer working. If I had to guess, I`d say that I worked about 75 plus days at Coney this year. I worked a grand total of 715.75 hours at Coney this summer, the most out of anyone in the rides department!

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Animal Kingdom-3

Busch Gardens Williamsburg-1

Canada's Wonderland-2


Cedar Point-12

Columbus Zoo/Jungle Jack's Landing-1

Darien Lake-1


Dorney Park-1


Family Kingdom-1

Free Style Music Park-1

Hershey Park-2

Holiday World-1

Hollywood Studios-5

Indiana Beach-1


Kings Dominion-1

Kings Island-11



Magic Kingdom-5

Six Flags America-1

Six Flags Great Adventure-1

Six Flags Great America-1

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom-1

Six Flags over Georgia-1

Six Flags St Louis-2

Strickers Grove-1


Worlds of Fun-1

That is a total of 75 park trips not counting the 2nd trip to KI that bookended our Strickers Grove day.

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Kings Island: 26 (including opening day and Ride Warriors Weekend)

Cedar Point: 9 (including opening day, CoasterMania!, Maverick ERT night, and closing day/Demon Drop's last operating day)

Holiday World: 5 (including HoliWood Nights and closing day)

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom: 3 (including Chang's last operating day)

Jungle Jack's Landing: 1

Coney Island: 1

Stricker's Grove: 1

.. so far. ;)

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61 times to KI this season, highest total ever for me, including opening and closing day (Final train of the season on Diamondback) About 20 of these visits consisted of changing out of my Jukebox uniform after getting off and going into the park from there.

Also made my first visits ever to Cedar Point and Holiday World. By far the best season I've ever had and looking forward to another great season in 2010.

Only 165-172 days (estimated) until KI Opening Day 2010. :D (Yes I've already started counting)

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Kings Island: 11 (April 18, May 2, May 9, May 10, June 9, June 10, June 14, August 1, September 25, October 10, November 1)

Cedar Point: 1 (October 24)

Indiana Beach: 1 (August 5)

Not very good season for me, but I may go to Dollywood late this month. And next year I'll be going to alot more places!

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