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If you are scared of heights...


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On 5/2/2024 at 4:46 PM, caleb343 said:

I'm really scared of heights. I don't know how to get rid of being scared of heights. I'm going to Kings Island this saturday  with my school band, and I wanna ride all of the tall rides that my friends wanna go on, but I don't want to at the same time because I'm scared. How do I get rid of being scared of heights? 

How did it go?

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15 year bump; impressive use of the search tool vs just starting a new thread.  Always fun to look back on conversations before I was on this site.


Hope the trip went well, but since you didn't get any advice I'll offer my advice to whomever reads this moving forward.


1) to date, nobody has fallen off a coaster at KI.  Those things are pretty secure, actually doubly or triply secure with the addition of seatbelts since this thread was started on many ride.  You have a significantly higher odds of getting injured (or worse) on the drive to KI than on any of the rides at KI.

2) Watch some POV videos on youtube.  it will give you an idea of what to expect on each ride, part of the biggest fear is the unknown.  Knowing what is coming up on each ride could help relieve that part of the stress.  (as an aside, once you have ridden a number of different rides in varying parks I'd suggest against that prior to a trip to a new park as the element of surprise can make a new coaster all that more enjoyable)

3) Start easy and small and work you way up.  I mean you could always just head back to Orion and say "heck with it" and know that from there every other ride is going to be smaller.  You could honestly start with the viking ship as that will get you decently high in the air (higher with each set back away from the middle) to get you that feeling of looking straight down.  Also know that the Viking ship is significantly less constraining than any coaster at KI.  Its not unsafe, but you certainly are not strapped in tight.  As for Coasters, start with Adventure Express that really doesn't have any hills or Stunt Coaster (that also doesn't really have any hills) then work to The Racers then Mystic Timbers (my favorite ride) and move you way up in height.

4) don't be too prideful to put a death grip on the restraints.  Sure it won't actually make you any safer but you will feel more secure.  Not "holding on for dear life" can/will make the ride more enjoyable as you get used to the forces, but for your first time (or 1,0000 time if you like) those restraints are your safety blankets.

5) when in doubt, reread my first post.  KI (nor any other park save maybe the glory days of Adventure Park) aim to have you anything less than full secured at all times.  If the heights bother you, don't look at the ground as you work your way up the lift, instead focus on your restraint, friend, etc...

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