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KI history photos - Merry Christmas!


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Mmmm....these are as yummy as a piece of leftover pumpkin pie!

Was at my aunt's house for Christmas dinner and was browsing through some old photo albums when I came across these photos.

These are from August 21, 1972, a trip with my mom, aunt, and uncle (I wasn't born yet!):








Behind the "new" Kings Island Inn:


I believe this is where The Beast is now:


In front of the KI Inn (my mom's new 1970 GTO Judge that she really wishes she still had):


These are a year later, August, 1973:








I hope you enjoyed these!

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Merry Christmas KIFan and thank you for sharing those amazing pictures. I love the compass on top of the building too. Is that the building where the Enchanted Voyage was at one point?

Yes, as far as I know, that's the Enchanted Voyage building.

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You know that Coney Island has had canoes on Lake Como for two years now. They are a very popular addition to the Pedal Boats on Lake Como, although there are many people who do not quite understand how to steer them, or keep them from tipping over. Fortunately, any one who goes out in a canoe MUST wear a life jacket, and Lake Como is only three to four feet deep all the way across anyway. So most people that do tip their canoes can end up walking them back to the dock!

And thanks a whole bunch for sharing those photos. I love seeing photos of the park in the early 70s when the sky ride was around, and all the trees within the park were just saplings. Its amazing how the vegetation and trees have filled in the park over the years.

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I had forgotten about the compass on the enchanted voyage building-and honestly, I think that is the only pic I have seen of rotor-I dont think we ever took a pic on any of our family trips.

The two least photographed rides that have ever existed at KI are the Rotor and Bavarian Beetle. It's worth noting also that in this picture, the Rotor is shown to the right of the Bavarian Beetle. When the Wild Animal Habitat opened in 1974, the Rotor was relocated to the left of the Beetle so a path to Coney could be placed from WAH.

Re attendance: KI's largest attendance year was, if memory serves me correctly, 1996 (Outer Lmits year.)


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^ I had never seen either one of those rides, so when we came across these pics on Christmas night, I couldn't believe it!

That is hard to believe that attendance is lower now than back then. The lines/crowds had to have been huge!

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Wow and thank-you for sharing, those pictures really showed how Kings Island looked and with the old grand atmosphere. I know everybody loves the trees on international street but for me I liked the more wide open feel back in the day of your pictures.

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