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Carowinds Gets CP Site Overhaul

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Carowinds appears to be booting up a sort of Paramount-ish takeoff on the Cedar Point style web-layout... Though it's just now starting up (currently it redirects to the shopping page), http://www.carowinds.com is getting the much-desired makeover. Let's pray that it's in Kings Island's future, too, but since we just recently got an online shop that mirrors our current website style... :\


And so, the unification of the Paramount Parks begins! (a mere four years post-purchase and just when they might all be sold in the coming months... What good timing!)

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heh, but then we wont have those nice url switcheroos anymore... seriously, though it is a good thing they are finally getting around to it. although, i must say it would probably be best to get on that, as around park opening is when most people visit the website to buy passes and tickets, and doing a site switchover with possible hickups could be a potential disaster....

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The site doesn't work on any web browser for me- Chrome, Firefox, or IE. Up until about 10 minutes ago, it would redirect me to the shopping page for Firefox and IE.

EDIT: Site now works in Firefox just fine. Chrome still has nothing. I don't care what IE gives me. :P Haha.

EDIT again: Site now works everywhere. I like it! It's MUCH better than the old yellow site.

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If you download the PDf file of the 2010 Carowinds park map you can see. Their Carolina Cyclone got painted... On the map.

See the very bottom of this page: Carolina Cyclone really was re-painted three colors, in honor of its 30th anniversary.

A few things:

  • This is what our Runaway Reptar looks like, too, right? Very nice!
  • Drop Tower's photo gallery is called "Drop Zone." Well, perhaps it was SpellCheck. :]
  • *Insert Scooby Doo going "Huh?!"
  • Slight "lol" at the semi-visible green phantom here, hiding behind a curtain!

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Very nice! Looks much better than the old site did. Hope KI gets the same treatment. I especially like the new way the park map is displayed online, as you can zoom in and stuff to get closer looks at the ride drawings, etc. The map itself even looks pretty good, much better than Cedar Point's crazy cartoony map.tongue.gif

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