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Magic Seats


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Backlot Stunt Coaster. It has some surprise air in the front that you don't get from the back of the train.

Imagine a roll back in the front seat :P

I don't have to imagine it! Happened to me a couple of years back, with Sean Flaharty...

It's quite the experience, and was very unexpected...

It is something to experience isn't it? It happened to me last season with Dare-to-Fly. We brought our aunt to the park for the first time in years and she got to experience it too. She didn't think it was nearly as much fun as we did for some reason...

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My personal favorites:

Magnum: 1-3. Preferably with the trims off. <3

Millennium Force: 2-1. IMO, I think this is the only row with airtime on the first two camelbacks. That's just me. :)

Beast: 6-3, especially at night.

Racer: 1-3 at night.

Flight Deck: 1-1 or 1-2.

Shivering Timbers: 6-2.

Voyage: preferably 7-2, but since that doesn't quite seem to be an option right now, 6-2.

Legend/Raven: 6-2.

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