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Kentucky Kingdom

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Legoland KY? Doubtful, aren't all the current ones year round parks? Anyways, if the rides are currently only worth 9 million and it would cost a fortune to get everything up and going I just don't see how the park would be worth it. Especially when there's a larger 206 acre lot "for sale" just down the road from the current park. http://www.commercialsource.com/CS3017896 At 20 million they'd have some equity that a leased lot wouldn't provide granted it would take much more to fill in an empty lot. Though if you had to rebuild most everything anyway perhaps the cost wouldn't be much different especially if you were able to buy all the rides from an abandoned park at a group price. Now granted I don't know much about real estate so I don't know the specifics for that lot, I do know it would suffer the same height limitations as it's in line with the airport. Then there's this 400 acre lot http://www.commercialsource.com/CS3017029 again know nothing about whether or not an amusement park could be built on either lot but definitely seems like there's better options while staying in the area.

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