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Windseeker & Coney Mall Construction Continues

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It doesn't matter, they have to put the ones closest to the ground on first.

Wait, are you telling me they don't start at the top and build down? haha

From driving by it the past few days, that is not over 300 feet tall... who knows what they are doing!

Thanks for that bit. I wonder if they only built the part of the crane that will be needed first for some reason (idk what it could be...maybe Robbie can help?), and once it comes time to put on the top couple sections they will add more to extend it. Or maybe a second crane will be brought in?

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The crane is moving and starting to put a small something into place!

Yeah, can't make out what that is. Maybe it is the device that they are going to use to attach the steel pieces of WS onto the crane for setting in place?

I could be totally wrong here, just speculating.

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Tower Piece, Tower Piece! WOOOOHOOO


Hey, for like the 10th time: I know you're new, but multiple people have been kind enough to point out the Terms of Service to you. I suggest you read all of them. You turned the other topic into a conversation about Tom Brady and about every other post is a one word response.

See this:

One-word responses - One-word responses are unacceptable for anything with the exception of the forum games. This is simply because it's unusual for a one-word response to actually have any merit or thought put into it. If you agree with someone, let us know why, don't just leave us hanging with "^agreed". This is also specifically hard on our dial up users who have to download the whole template constantly with really no content in it.

Found here: http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4128

Just saying, you've been told before and seem to have ignored that and it's getting old.

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I love how there are only like a few people excited for this ride, but back when Diamondback was being built everyone was excited. It's a new ride being added to the great Kings Island. Flat ride or not, be happy!

I think the biggest reason for that is that it's an entirely new concept. There are no other WindSeekers besides those under construction, and I don't think there are any similar rides out there which people could compare this to. Sure, swing rides have been around for decades, but none like this. The only specs we have are those which have been given to us by the park and/or Mondial.

In addition, you have those people who have only heard that it's a swing ride, and haven't bothered to read all the details about it, so they simply based their opinion of the ride on their opinion of swing rides in general.

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We saw how big the pieces were in the parking lot pictures, but does not seem that big in the webcam. I don't think the webcam gives us a good ratio of the size of that area! Can't wait to see it in person.

I agree with you! Just looking at it, it reminds me of Zephyr. But if you look at ppl beside it it is MASSIVE!

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