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Vote for our mystery T-Rex's Name


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As you guys are all probably aware, Kings Island recently installed a new thirty or so foot tall model dinosaur out front near the parking lot, to be put on display as what is likely to be an advertisement for the new addition being announced on the 18th.

Here's our new friend's portrait for those who haven't seen him yet:


Ain't he just cute as can be? :P

Anyhow, in typical KICentral tradition, I felt it right that we ought to give our t rex a name. After all, we did name the crane that so faithfully constructed our favorite new toy Diamondback "Clifford" :P I've taken the suggestions that I've recieved in the main March 18 Announcement topic and on Facebook, and made them into a list. Vote on your favorite (Might be hard considering the huge number of entries :lol: ) and which ever one has the most votes at, say, 2 pm Friday, the time of the announcement, will become the name of our T-Rex!

Jackson, who's hope in this is to lighten the mood, keep people from yelling at each other, and maybe even accomplish something :)

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Null vote.

Helbigasaurus all the way.



Just as awesome

Blingasaurus Rex

Out of the park!

y'all can call him whatever you want. im calling him frank.

That's what I was thinking?!? Kinda like takes one to know one :)

I'm thinkin Biggie-Small (is that different enough from B.I.G.'s)

Some other ideas: Teeth; Precious; Full Pint (think Little House...); Officer Karma, Lost (he's a Dinosaur in a parking lot); Snoopie

EDIT: to add: Quijibo-bonus point to anyone who can define it :)

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