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1989 Kings Island guide


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It's not too exciting...but it is something to look at during the off season. :)



"...unusual women's apparel". Unfortunately with a description like that, in today's lower class/morals age, people would be expecting something completely different than they did back then. <_<


I miss the sail. :(


"Lay down your voice to the music tracks of today's top tunes, and keep a cassette". (Mommy, what's a cassette?!)



I never thought that I would have to tolerate The Smurfs a second time around!


Rivertown sounds so much better back then.


So which statement is the least believable..."mouth-watering food", "reasonably priced" or "best view of the park"?



I like that shot of Amazon Falls.

Have a great weekend! :)

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But International Restaurant DID have a great view of the park, mouth watering food, and was often no more expensive than eating elsewhere in the park.


The view from the Restaurant IS amazing...but (IMHO) to state that it is "the best view of the park" is not true for 2 reasons...A. You can only see International Street...and B. The view from The Eiffel Tower blows it away...especially if they still had the lower level observation deck open.

As for my other 2 statements, I will bow to your first-hand knowledge back then...I will only say that I based my statement on the fact that I have NEVER had ANY mouth watering or reasonably priced food at ANY amusement park...Disney included. ;)

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Guest TombraiderTy

Thanks for sharing the brochure, standbyme - there's definitely some nice information and pictures inside.

Thanks for sharing the photo, OhioChris - any idea when it's from? And any others you'd be willing to share? I've always wondered when the sail was removed from the ride.

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Is that shot of Amazon Falls cropped or something? Because if you look at the drop from that angle wouldn't the Eiffel Tower be more out of the shot to your left?

My guess: that is a shot of Diamond Falls at Kings Dominion.

According to this map, http://www.themepark...92/pkd1992.html, the orientations of that ride and and their Eiffel Tower look right. It is a nice shot actually, capturing both rides. I studied that guide forever as a kid and never noticed that it's not a real KI picture.

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It's absent on the 2004 map (though the lake it was over and its station is still shown, right on the border of the Congo and Waterworks). In 2006, The Italian Job Turbo Coaster opened on that plot of land. But I don't know if Diamond Falls closed just to make room for it. I can't find a map from 2003, so I can't say if it operated then.


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^ Looking at that map made me a little lost. The first time I had been to Kings Dominion was last year, and hadn't looked at a map before then. Not seeing I305 on the map, i could not figure out what Anaconda was, until after staring at it for 5 minutes. The front also looks mighty different without dominator.

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Was Diamond Falls the same model as Amazon Falls? When did it leave and why did KD yank it?

Diamond Falls at KD was indeed the same version as KI's. (I believe they were both Intamin shoot-the-shoots.) The main difference was simply that it was an earlier version and the water pumping system was a bit different. In addition, the curve after the drop on DF was covered by a small building and you went through a "Diamond Shaft" of sorts. The ride was always hard to find in the park and had a low ridership soon after it opened. In final years, it experienced downtime due to severe leaks in the trough. It was removed, the land filled in, and IJST was built on it's former site.

Diamond Falls has the distinction of being one of the first rides in which KD "filled in" part of Lake Charles to install. Years following, the lake became more and more reduced for installs (most notably the waterpark addition) and now exists only as a small "pond" in which Anaconda dives. Once upon a time, it covered the entire back half of KD and was so big, they held water ski shows on it. It was a beautiful feature in the park, much like the Antiques were at KI... ahhh, the past...


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^^ I LOVE that photo of The Beast, standbyme! That looks like it should be a poster. (I kind of wish it was a poster...)

Thanks for uploading these. All this KI history is really helping with the off-season. I can't believe it's February already... I get to go to Dollywood in a month and a half!

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