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Fun Spot's 2013 GCI woodie- White Lightning- Animation

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Well, usually Coasterforce is known for their on-ride POV videos, but today they posted this- it's an on-ride POV animation of Fun Spot's coming-in-2013 GCI Wooden Coaster, White Lightning...


I have to say...this looks cool. A GCI out and back...this could be an underrated coaster that ranks among the world's finest when it opens, and it's not even in a huge park...perhaps it will give visitors to Florida a reason to stop by Fun Spot during their vacations (alongside the Disney/Universal/Busch Gardens trips, of course...)

Enjoy the video. It's Coasterforce's, and I'm assuming they got the video from Fun Spot.

PS: Just noticed something...is it just me, or does this ride seem like The Voyage Jr.? :blink: It seems an AWFUL lot similar, especially on the return run, to The Voyage's spaghetti bowl...

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Dang, that thing looks intense! For the minute that you're riding, it sure looks like a fun one!

I would hope something like this comes to a place like WoF or Valleyfair! maybe.

Thanks for posting!

ValleyFair has already got a GCI coaster named renegade

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Valleyfair and Worlds of Fun don't have much coasters to boast to me it seems, therefore I would have gone with those two.

PS, who has Prowler? Worlds of Fun? In that case, then maybe... Gee I dunno, I guess I'm stumped! We might not see this in a FUN park for all I know!

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Just so you guys know, I posted a few stats below about White Lightning. And just to clarify, this is the Fun Spot in Orlando and not the one farther down in Kissimmee. Just a few special features that the ride will include are the double up/double down and a 90 degree turn! Stay turned on the Fun Spot's facebook page as well as the Great Coasters facebook page for more on this ride!

White Lightning Stats:

Length= 2000ft

Height= 75ft

Max Speed= 48mph

Max drop= 58degress (world record coined “Claire Curve”)

Max bank angle= 90degrees (world record coined “Ariel Dive”)

Air time moments= apprx 18

Ride length= apprx 1:15min

Rumored by International Coaster Experts to become “the BEST coaster ride in Central Florida, maybe the world!!!”

Opening Feb 2013

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The video's from GCI. They posted it first. I'm guessing Coasterforce reposted it.

It's funny to me how B&M rides, at least until very recently, were generally perceived as increasingly tame, while GCI seems to be working in the opposite direction. I've been on Wildcat at Hersheypark, which, while originally designed with PTCs, is much more about grand, sweeping turns with a sprinkling of abrupt pops of airtime. Gwazi appears to be similar in that aspect. Thunderhead toys with sweeping turns but relies much more on stuffing as many moments of airtime and changes of direction as possible in the area. White Lightning looks like it's purely about getting chucked out of your seat and caught off-guard by many swift direction changes. (Prowler and Wodan look to be along the same lines.)

I like where GCI's going. This ride looks really good. If I make it to Florida anytime soon after this opens, it's pretty much going to be necessary that I check this out.

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Fun Spot officially opened White Lightning to the public yesterday around 5pm. GREAT little ride. Fast paced, some quick direction changes, several quick pops of air time, and a 90 degree bank that is just strange but incredibly fun. They have a winner on their hands. I snagged an annual pass last night, so looking forward to getting many more rides on this guy!

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