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Public Apology


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Hey guys,

Sorry if it seems that I resent PKIC coming over to PKIU. If you understood some of the situations I am in right now, you would understand that its easier to vent here and not have many repercussions than it is to vent in about 3 of my professors faces and deal with those.

Just so you know, I planned since the beginning to give Dane a hard time about this, but I think I have gone a little bit too far. That is why I am issuing a public apology for my words/actions in the past week(ish) timeperiod. Trust me, if I could go back and make it so noone read my recent outlashes, I would. But what is done is done, and I can only hope to make it up to you in the future.



P.S. Carry on to a whole new world, PKIUists! Let the new flock come from PKIC, and we shall shepard them into our fold!

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